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Why Purchase Stainless Steel Cookware - Detailed Review

Why Purchase Stainless Steel Cookware – Detailed Review

There are several different types of materials that you can choose from when it comes to cookware, however, there are different reasons that make stainless steel the best choice to make. These different materials include


copper vs stainless steel

Copper is able to cook food evenly and transfer heat properly, however, it is a reactive material and can give your food a metallic taste. 

Light colored foods usually pick up the copper compound while they are cooking, and this means that you will be ingesting some copper as you eat. Copper cookware requires a large amount of maintenance and it is also a very expensive material to purchase in cookware.

Cast Iron

cast iron vs stainless steel

Cast iron is an incredibly durable type of material that you can use in cookware, it is naturally nonstick, it is inexpensive, and it retains heat very well. 

However, it is also a reactive material when you are cooking with it, it is heavier material, it takes a very long time to heat up, and the maintenance and cleaning are frustrating and long as well.


aluminum vs stainless steel

Aluminum is a very lightweight and inexpensive material to use in cookware, but there are several different types of problems that come with using aluminum as well. 

It is a highly reactive material, and it does not mix well with acid foods or alkaline. If there is too much heat, aluminum can warp very easily to it, and it is easy to get scratched.

Stainless Steel

stainless steel cookware set

So, when you are making your initial decision on which material to use, it is safe t say that stainless steel is the best option to choose. It has far more advantages than disadvantages, and it is safe to use. 

With it's nonreactive materials, dishwasher safe option, very durable, and the fact that it is a very inexpensive material to purchase makes stainless steel the best option.

Aside from the fact that it can have poor heat transfer, it is a perfect option to decide on, since you can solve this issue by simply purchasing a better quality of stainless steel.

My mother, and myself, use stainless steel cookware, and I can honestly say that I would highly recommend it more than I would any other type of material in cookware. Stainless steel will not disappoint anyone who decides to make it their option of choice.


  • Updated July 7, 2020
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