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Is Ceramic Cookware Safe? The Hidden Secret You Should Know

Is Ceramic Cookware Safe? The Hidden Secret You Should Know

We all want to give nutrition to our family, especially the kids. Making healthy and fresh meals are like an essential goal for every mother or whoever cook for a family. And when it comes to making healthier recipes, everything is countable. The food ingredients, spices, liquor, and every other else. Before buying something, smart people check health level. But did you ever check the health level of your cookware?

Now you need to know how bad Teflon coated cooking pots and pans could be. Many health organizations have been alarming people to avoid harmful cookware.

If so, you should know the danger of an unhealthier cooking pot and how can it affect your health. However, ceramic cookware is commonly known as safe to use than others. But still the question remains on, is ceramic cookware safe for cooking?

Is Ceramic Cookware Safe

What Is The Ceramic Cookware? You Should Know Something About

Almost every one of in this world who never hear about ceramic. But more than cookware they may listen to the word ceramic clay pottery. That stuff is heavy, shiny, keeps the food warm but prone to break.

The cooking pots made in ceramic is fired up in a kiln. It is fired up in an oven to make it robust. As a result, it won't melt or react in high heat, stay stronger, and stay thick, and it provides you service for a long time.

After that the ceramic pot up it's dipped in glaze. The glazing happens in very high heat. The glazing makes this non-stick cookware. You should use medium-high temp for cooking with Ceramic cookware. The glazing does not survive at high temperature. So, it's risky to cook in that much heat.

One of the downsides of ceramic cookware is, it's not capable of cooking in induction cooktops because it does not contain any metal alloy. But it is usable on induction stoves.

Non-stick cookware is the number one choice for all professional and home cooks around the world. Because of don't let stick the food so, oil or fat requires less amount and also very easy to clean. But when the awareness of these layers come in front, and people want to know how and why they effect on food; it becomes a big issue.

This review will be clear all here. Non-stick cookware has a thin coating of Teflon. This not contains PFTE and PFOA that are the harmful chemical. This thing releases toxic gas. Gradually it disturbs your health. It may cause bird-flu like symptoms. The common problem, in this case, is headache and nausea. It is also very harmful to our environment too.

Is It safe To Use Ceramic Cookware?

That review will answer that question step by step. First of all, it has been proven ceramic does not contain. However, ceramic pans or pots don't have any coating that includes PTFE or PFOA. The glazing of it is just kiln which is 100% safe for cooking. If you check many ceramic cookware sets and read their labels carefully, then you will nothing find that indicated they have made of anything is risky for human health.

So, yes, ceramic cookware is very safe for cooking. It is environment-friendly as well. The only thing you need to aware of is that cookware coated with Teflon. If appropriately maintained, you will able to use it safely for a long time.

How To Take Care Of Ceramic Cookware?

Maintenance is a big key when it comes to cookware. Not only the ceramic cookware others like copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. also need to take care. Especially metals tend to infuse with food sooner or later. So, below are some points to follow when you are going to use ceramic cookware.

Begin With Washing:

Once your ceramic cookware arrived, remove the labels carefully and soak them in warm soapy water solution. After 20 minutes, gently scrub and wash all the dust particles off. Later dry them with clean cloth or tissue then store. Now it is good to work in your kitchen.

Use Safe Utensils:

Always use wooden, silicone, or nylon tools for string/serving whisking your food. Avoid any metal utensils. The Sharpe edges of them could damage the ceramic surface and lessen the lifespan of it.

Use The Proper Amount Of Oil Or Fat:

Ceramic cookware is non-stick, perhaps it not as Teflon coating. You have to use a moderate amount of oil, grease, or butter before add food. But keep the amount low. You can add more if needed later. The fat will keep the flavor development good and also prevent burning.

Don't Plunge Hot Cookware In Water:

When your pot is boiling after cooking, keep it on the Colter palace to cool it down. Never fall the hot pan or bowl in cold water directly. Even don't pour freezing water on pot while you are cooking.

Use Medium-high Flame:

Non-stick cookware, especially the ceramic, aluminum or steel are needed to cook in medium flame. High heat will leave marks outside and lower the quality of the pan. Also, the high temp will crack the surface of ceramic cookware


So, the end of the review that clear that ceramic cookware is safe. In general word, ceramic made pots or any metal post coated with ceramic layer is very safe for using long time food preparing. Just like glass or copper metals. I hope this review helps you to know all about ceramic cookware. You can rely on ceramic cookware without worry less.

The suggestion for you that go for the thicker bottom. Also, buy a set which is compatible with your stoves or cooking method. Like if you have an induction cooktop, then you need to particular kind of cookware which has a ceramic coating. Many prices of ceramic pots are available in the market. But don't be a penny pincher here. So, be smart and stay with the safest cookware, even it cost a little high.