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How To Use Glass Stovetop - Guide From An Expert!

How To Use Glass Stovetop – Guide From An Expert!

We have been at home with attending the traditional gas coil stoves, that seeks for the little care and you can go all well with any of the cookware types and materials and even without a week of cleaning. Well, that may sound exaggertion to many of you but still its true in some households.

This is not the case with glass stovetop in general since its manufacturing is different and so is the handling.

You need to make your mindset for buying it before you actually buy it, afterall you will have to follow some lengths for its life and so the commitment is necessary.

Lucky are those who get to find a set of dos and don'ts beforehand and their money is saved, unlike me who learn after consecutive suffering with money going into bin but sincerely try to make an easy-way for others.

The tips mentioned below are hard-learned and totally the essence of my four weeks struggle on using the glass stove.

But don't forget to thank me, you sure will because the tips are gems if you implement.

How To Use Glass Stovetop

Tips To Use Glass Stovetop; Stick To Them For Good

I made these mistakes, sadly, I don't want anyone else to be the culprit of damaging the most favorite stovetop in the house and boom, it hurts.

Make sure to observe some facts by yourself too, your environment may be different to mine and may be I failed in putting forward a number of tips or solutions that only you, and only you get to come across.

A)- How To Clean It?

So a stovetop needs to be cleaned, if not daily then weekly because food has to be cooked on it which can spill over and glued to the surface to make the entire appearance ugly. Since its surface is extra plain and too shiny, its better to clean it every alternative day, not too soon as daily or not too late as once a week.This practice can simply add years to the life of your glass stove top and you will be really grateful to my words. I bet.

What is to be used for cleaning?

A soft sponge, although the regular sponges are dual, having soft as well as somewhat tough side for dealing with greasiness.

But using the abrasive side or steel wool sponges straight for a glass surfaced stove will cost you the entire stovetop by

putting permanent scratches and dents ruining the only beauty, the glass stovetop is known for.

Though the best of all, you better clean it right away if something spills over, but again, let it cool down completely.

Tip: Use the combo of vinegar and baking soda after heavy cooking by spreading a thick layer of baking soda on the areas that require extra cleaning attention. When it starts drying, spray vinegar over it and scrub with gentle hands. The geease will cut off and a smooth surface will appear up.

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B)- How To Handle It?

While cooking, be gentle as you place the cookware on it because if you will place like throwing, yes attitude matters here, that unwanted pressure is going to damage the efficiency of the stovetop.

Plus, to whom it may concern, glass cleaners are not really ideal for glass stovetop. In case you are out of soft sponges, you can make it out with a paper towel too but avoid the use of rigid sponge even with the intention of using it gently.

After each use, after letting it cool down, just spread clean with a microfiber cloth to retain the all-rounder shine we all die at.

When its a day to serve your sweet tooth, be really attentive to not spill the sugary content on the stove because the sugar tends to leave unbearable yellowish stain, you should clean it too fast to avoid such event.

On the same stage, while cooking, avoid placing the used and abused spatulas on the glass surface because the leftover on the spatula can stick to the surface. These small readily attentions can save you from a huge mess later.

C)- What Cookware Should Be Avoided?

Not all cookware material is capable of enjoying the chance to be cooked on glass top, just as glass top is compatible for a limited cookware, so is the case the other way round.

So the cast iron cookware as well as the ceramic, stoneware cookware keep hold on uneven and rough edges and bottom.

When you place these on the surface and move it while cooking, you may encounter many little scratches after you are done.

Other than that, your regular pans and pots should also be endorsing flat bottom to be even to the surface, to perform better. The uneven cookware with round edges does not seem to catch even heat distribution, resulting in poorly prepared food. Or you can read a perfect guide about best pots and pans for glass top stoves at Kitcheniest

Last but not least, do not let an unexperienced homemaker come near to your glass stovetop otherwise all these tips will go in hell and your glass stovetop in heaven.


Even though taking care of a glass top is equal to taking care of infant, but all this labour is worth putting when you see your sleek and shiny surface making you tempting foods.

The beauty of kitchen is best kept with its interior and the stovetop, saying with experience. So if you pass to maintain these two areas in particular, you are going to receive many appreciations for sure.