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How To Clean Induction Cooktop | Proper Cleaning Of Induction Cooktop (Step By Step Guide)

How To Clean Induction Cooktop | Proper Cleaning Of Induction Cooktop (Step By Step Guide)

In before gas and electronic cooktops are the most efficient way to cook meals. But the modern way of cooking is non-other than induction cooktops. It’s chic, streamlined and gives your kitchen a new look. Infect it let you cook clean and efficiently. 

An induction cooktop includes features like different cooking time, temp settings, lock, re-heat etc. you can save up to 70% energy and still manage to cook the same amount of food monthly. 

If you have an induction cooktop or going to have one for the first time, you may already know the benefits of it. The thing is taking care of this cooktop is a bit different from any other cooktops. And that is the point one should aware of. In this article, I am going to tell you about the care and how to clean induction cooktop step by step. So, let’s begin. 

How To Clean Your Induction Cooktop?

Cleaning your induction cook stoves easy once you know some basic elements. Here is the step-by-step guide for how to clean induction cooktop in a natural way. Follow the process without taking any shortcuts to get the best result. 

Step 1- Use A Metal Scraper:

I know induction cooktop has a glass exterior and any sharp thing can ruin its shiny surface. But a metal scraper can remove the oily cover and burnt food from it better than other tools. Hold the scrapper at the 45 degrees angles. Keep the blade flush with the surface. Now start the scrape off all the burnt food and water from the surface. If there is sugar or jelly spatter on the top, remove them before the stove is cold. Use a thick towel or potholder to hold the scraper.
The metal scraper can be easily found in any local hardware store. Do not use your old/new knife to do this job.

Step-2 Cooktop Cleaner:

The scraper can’t remove the entire gunk. That is why now we need some cooktop clear. It is better to get something that is approved by SCHOOT. Spread the cleaner on the top and rub with a soft thick cloth. Most of the stove cleaners are cream-based. So they quickly soften the dirt layer and help to clean the area better. But usually, they don’t leave any stains. Infect you can clean off any iridescent stains created by ammonia cleaning solutions. You can leave the cleaner for a while and then go to clean. Always apply the stove cleaner once the stove thoroughly cooks.

how to clean induction cooktop

Step 3: Final Cleaning:

After rubbing and cleaning the maximum area now, it’s time to clear every other thing. Take a clean wet towel and rub it all over the top. Repeat the process if needed. Get another clean cloth/paper towel and wipe the induction cooktop and its edges. See if there any water or dirt left or not. Not let it be therein for a while to air dry. Don’t use the stoves for at least 15 min.

What to Avoid As Induction Cooktop Cleaners:

Induction cooktops have a glass or ceramic layer which has a non-porous surface. And that is why it doesn’t lock out food particles as the gas or coil ranges. So cleaning this kind of stoves is easier. But still, you need to aware of something, the cleaners. You should now use these listed cleaner given below to maintain its cleanliness. Like,

  • Dishwashing agents
  • Metal scouring pads
  • Chlorine bleach cleaners
  • Flammable cleaners
  • Caustic cleaners
  • Powdery cleaners
  • Scrub sponges

Final words:

To circumvent some additional cleaning hassles try to wipe off the surface daily just using a wet towel. It will remove everyday dirt and oil that come while cooking. So, if there is no dense dirt spot, then simple wet towel treatment will maintain its cleanliness. Leave the deep cleaning with cleaner and scraper for weekly schedule.

However, use the metal scraper only for deep dirt cleaning. This tool is not necessary for usual thin sticky later of cleaning. You can also use cleaning or foam pads to clean the induction or glass-ceramic stoves. Always use branded cleaner to make sure the cooktop looks fresh and stay in shape longer. Also, it will help you to clean the induction cooktop with less effort.