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How To Clean Electric Cooktop: Step By Step Guide- Including All Tips & Tricks

How To Clean Electric Cooktop: Step By Step Guide- Including All Tips & Tricks

​Maintaining excellent shape and performance, it’s very vital to keep it clean and shiny. Your stove is the essential part of the kitchen, and it works most of the day in 24/7. Even if you turn it on only for a few mins to warm up the dishes, you should clean it daily. Depending on the massive to low usage, the cleaning schedule could run from daily to weekly.

In this reading, I am going to show you how to clean the electric cooktop. I am going to tell you about both coil and flat surface electric cook stoves so you can apply it freely.

How To Clean Electric Cooktop

​How To Clean Electric Cooktops- Step by Step Guide

​Cleaning electric cook stoves are pretty straightforward. If you know the process well. The good thing is you don’t need many words to clean. Head to the pantry and get some baking soda, finger etc. So here is the step by step process that I usually do for my electric stoves. Have a look below.

​Start With Wiping:

​Take a clean cloth, some old towel or piece of cutting T-shirt is best for this job. Now soak it with vinegar and dry the stove thoroughly. There will see some stubborn spots that won't come out just by warping. But still, you will able to reduce the maximum place with it.

​Time For Baking Soda:

​After wiping take some baking soda and sprinkle it over the stovetop. The top should be cover 80%. Baking soda is an excellent option to clean grime grit. It would damage the surface but loosen the dirt particles pretty well.


​Yes, you heard, right. You need to soak the top this point. Don’t worry; I am not going to tell you to drown it sink or bucket full of water. All you need to take a big clean towel or two small towels. Now dump it in hot water and wring it lightly. Afterwards, cover the top with a towel. Let the soda soak hot water for 20 min and activate.


​After 15-20 min of soaking start to scrub every inch of the top. You don’t need to wash with extreme pressure and speed. Keep it at the mid-high level. Your stove should be clean well at this point. You could wet the towel a bit if needed.


​It’s possible to miss some spot or hard to remove any old thick one. Specially burnt jam, old oily curry, etc. the last option to get rid of these spots are using a scrapper. Take a small scraper and carefully start to scrape form the edges. Now any place will come out little by little. Don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you will end up with leave marks on the shiny top.

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​Final Finishing:

​After finishing with scrapping now, it’s time to wipe the electric stove one more time. But with a clean, dry towel. Take small clean cloth. You should not use kitchen tissue at this point. Now slowly wipe all the over the top edges well. Your clean stove will start to shine once clean. Don’t forget to clean the counter and under the oven also.

​Electronic Cooktop With Coils:

​This type of stoves are a little complicated and dedicated to clean. The insert coil is hard to clean when its fill of debris the solution is to clean it- heat the stove with high temperature. It’s a self-cleaning process. When the metal coils are in the most senior position and turned red. It will burn almost all the deposit inside of it.

Now let the stove turn down completely. When it’s ready to touch, take a toothbrush and clean off the dust and dirt on it. You can use an old paintbrush afterwards to remove the soil thoroughly. And finally, wipe all the dirt on the outer surface and edges (not the coil) of the stoves. You can use 2/3 drops of dishwashing soap to clean those deeply.


  • Once you are done with heat up remove the plug from the socket. 
  • The coil will start to make smoke at one point. Turn off your smoke detector to avoid noise and a self-shower. 
  • Don’t try to touch the hot stove with anything or bear hands. Let it cool down completely. 

​Final words:

​Cleaning your electric cookware is not enough. You need to take good care of it. Also, try splitting less food when you are cooking. Using big, ample pots, or cooking without high temp could be a solution to that. That’s how you will mix or prepare food with messing less. While cleaning- be careful with making marks or scratches. Wipe your stoves in regular after completing regular cooking. Maintenance is the primary key to keep clean an electric cooktop or any stoves.