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How Does Soda Stream Work And Why Get It

How Does Soda Stream Work And Why Get It

SodaStream is arguably the biggest player in the home carbonation and sparkling drink market. However, that doesn’t guarantee that everyone knows about it or what its products do. SodaStream makes home carbonators. A home carbonator is basically a personal-use appliance that can be used to add carbonation to water. Carbonation is what makes soda drinks like Coke or Pepsi fizzy—it adds effervescence to water, in other words.

Thus, a good way of looking at SodaStream machines is to see them as home soda and seltzer makers. In fact, they’re largely marketed as solutions for soda and sparkling water lovers who want to start making their own beverages instead of constantly stocking up on them at the grocery store.

Why Would Anyone Want A Home Carbonator?

There are actually a lot of reasons for getting home carbonators. One of the most popular at the moment—and certainly one of the chief marketing slogans of SodaStream—is that they can help save the environment. This is because they reduce the number of plastic bottles, labels, and aluminum cans thrown into trash cans each year. People using SodaStream machines to make their own sodas don’t need to buy sodas at the store anymore, after all, and that means they no longer need to dispose of so many premade beverage-packaging materials.

A home carbonator can also be useful if circumstances make it troublesome for you to carry cans and bottles of soda home from the grocery. People who live in tall walkups and love soda would appreciate the trouble it would save them, for instance.

Another reason for getting a home carbonator is that it would negate the need for a lot of free space in the closet or fridge. If you love soda, all the bottles and cans can take up a lot of space in your pantry and refrigerator. The ability to make your own soda would mean no more need to worry about storage space for all the ones you would otherwise buy from a store.

By the same token, you no longer having to stock up on soda means fewer worries about running out of them during parties. Provided you have enough CO2 canisters and a steady water supply, you will always have a source of seltzers and sodas at the ready.

How Soda Make Safe Your Money?

Using a home carbonator can also be a good move in terms of economy. In many cases, it can be cheaper to make your own sodas than to buy them from the store. With a SodaStream, for instance, the average cost of a liter of sparkling water would be a mere $0.20. If you were making flavored soda instead, it would go up to just $0.57. There would still be the cost of the SodaStream machine itself to figure out, of course, but the savings over time would cover that very swiftly if you were a frequent soda drinker.

A final reason for using a home carbonator might be to allow yourself more control over the ingredients and flavors for your fizzy drinks. If you want to try making your own soda flavors, for instance, having a home carbonator would be useful for experimentation.

The same goes if you are simply wary of possible ingredients in the branded beverages—if you would prefer to use stevia instead of aspartame or HFCS for your sweetener, for example, and want to be certain that what is in your soda is actually stevia instead of some other substitute.

Bottom Line:

The SodaStream machines use bottles with specially-designed seals. These typically achieve a hermetic seal that helps keep the liquid inside bubbly for as long as possible. They’re also made of BPA-free, PCB-free, and phthalate-free materials for safety. The bottles usually last 3 years—although the glass ones on the Penguin do last a lifetime in theory, as mentioned earlier—and should be kept out of a dishwasher to avoid warping or thinning under the heat. The rest of the machine can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth combined with lukewarm water.