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Cuisinart 64-13 Contour Hard Anodized 13-Piece Cookware Set Review

Cuisinart 64-13 Contour Hard Anodized 13-Piece Cookware Set Review

Creating good food, as many a chef in homes and the food industry love to refer to their cooking skills, begins with having the right cookware. Good pots and pans spark the creativity necessary to make sumptuous meals while making cooking a joyous experience to look forward to every time you step into your kitchen.

The Cuisinart 64-13 Contour Hard Anodized 13 Piece Cookware Set is one set that offers one an expansive range of choice in sizes and usability options for a wonderful experience in the kitchen. We take a look at this cookware set to see what to look forward to when using it in our kitchens.


29.2 pounds




25.3 x 13.75 x 13.25 inches

Lid Type

Glass lid

Oven Safe

Up to 500°F


Lifetime Warranty

No of Piece

13 piece

Cuisinart 64-13  13-Piece Cookware Set Review

Before discussing the final verdict on The Cuisinart 64-13 Contour Hard Anodized 13-Piece Cookware Set review, let me discuss some feature of this cookware set first.

A touch of Luxury in Every Piece:

  • 9 Qt. Stockpot with Cover and 24 cm Pasta Insert - This is the largest of the pots in the set It is ideal for stock, stews, and soups, especially for family sized meals. The pasta insert included in this pot allows you to boil your pasta or corn in comfortably to your desired outcome.
  • 4 Qt. Dutch Oven with Cover - Ideal for boiling, simmering or stewing, this Dutch Oven allows you to make exceptional food while retaining all the taste and flavor in it 8 and 10 Inch Skillets - These nonstick skillets allow you to shallow fry your foods to perfection, with ease.
  • 3 Qt Saute Pan with Helper Handle and Cover — This sleek sauté pan allows you to sear, braise or brown your foods to mouth-watering perfection.
  • 1.5 And 2.5 Qt. Saucepans with Covers — These saucepans are ideal for everyday cooking, be it light heating, preparing quick dishes or even preparing larger sauces or stews.

2. Awesome Food Creation:

  • The Cuisinart 64-13 Contour Hard Anodized 13 Piece Cookware Set has an aluminum core construction that allows the pots and pans to heat quickly and evenly. This eliminates the possibility of hotspots around the core, therefore enabling sufficient and consistent cooking of food.
  • You will appreciate the contouring on the handles of the pans and pots which allow for maximum grip while you are cooking. These handles also keep cool throughout your cooking to prevent burns. They are well riveted to the pot or pan for a safe and balanced grip all through.
  • The set comes with individual glass covers for the various pots and pans in the set. These covers are tempered to ensure they last long while enduring maximum heat while in use. They help seal in the moisture and flavors of your food for a healthy and incredible eating experience. The rims are tapered to ensure your food doesn't pour or drip while cooking.
  • This cooking set is versatile enough for use on all kinds of stoves and ovens, and are also safe to use for food storage in the freezer.
  • The nonstick interior feature ensures healthier, tastier food while keeping the cookware easy to clean after use.


  • The Cuisinart 64-13 Contour Hard Anodized 13-Piece Cookware Set stands out in its luxuriously constructed designs, which are durable and versatile enough for all your cooking needs.
  • The pieces in this set allow for various methods of cooking in all types of stovetops.
  • The cookware set is easy to use and clean.
  • Safe to use in the oven. Withstands oven heat of up to 500 degrees F
  • This 13-piece cookware set is well priced, offering you good value for your money.


  • As with many other cookware sets, I have found myself expecting more options in size and number of pots and pans, and less of the covers included as pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: Is this set dishwasher safe?

A: Yes. The Cuisinart 64-13 Contour Hard Anodized 13- Piece Cookware is dishwasher safe. Should you choose to hand clean it, they are also very easy to clean.

Q: Why do the handles get too hot?

A: Keeping the pots overheat for long will definitely make the handles hot. It is advisable to use kitchen gloves or a potholder when handling hot pots and pans.

Final Thoughts:

The Cuisinart 64-13 Contour Hard Anodized Cookware set is arguably one of the best you will find on the market today. From the look on the exterior, the set calls out to you. The well-rounded finishing on the pots, the rimmed covers and expansive sizes of the pots are a definite plus for every kitchen.

When you set your eyes on the interior of the pieces in the set, you will agree with me when I say there is no limit to the magic creations you can come up with in your kitchen once you have your own set in your hands. Buy your set today and set off to a joyous experience every day, in your kitchen.

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