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Best Turkey Deep Fryer Reviews And Guide For 2021 - Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best Turkey Deep Fryer Reviews And Guide For 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

When November rolls around and it’s time for the annual cooking of the bird, you want to make sure that it is cooked to perfection. In recent years deep-frying has become one of the most popular methods of cooking a turkey, and for good reason. The best turkey deep fryer will produce a turkey that is juicy, flavorful, and has crispy delicious skin. Many people say that once they’ve had deep-fried turkey, they don’t want it prepared any other way. So, if you are thinking of impressing your guests this Thanksgiving (or any other time you’re in the mood for turkey) by cooking a turkey that will leave them talking for days and fighting over leftovers, consider investing in a turkey deep fryer.

What is Turkey Deep Fryer?

Well, a whole turkey obviously will not fit into a traditional deep fryer. These deep fryers are much larger and specifically designed to fry a large, whole turkey. It is essentially a large metal canister, which you fill with a high quality cooking oil, such as peanut oil, and then lower a whole turkey into. They are set up on the ground in an outdoor area and will fry a turkey to perfection.

Another added bonus of deep-frying a turkey is that cooking time is cut dramatically. You only need to fry a turkey for 3 minutes per pound rather than the 20 minutes per pound that it takes to oven roast a turkey. Below you will find reviews of some of the best turkey deep fryers on the market. These products have been given the highest rankings by consumers like you! Our friend Reed Cooper from The Smart Weightloss has helped us to make this list.

Best Turkey Deep Fryer Reviews: 

You will get the best qualities in this list of the top nine best turkey deep fryers. They surpass all other models in close to every aspect. As a professional reviewer, I base my sentiments on research and facts.

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Review

One reason that many people are hesitant to try deep-frying a turkey is the added calories that come with cooking something in oil. While frying is a delicious alternative, it is not always the most healthy alternative. Well, if you happen to be watching your health, this deep fryer is for you! It uses infrared technology to cook your turkey as if it's being fried in oil.

The result is turkey with a juicy interior and a crispy exterior. However, with the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer, the turkey is never submerged in a vat of oil. The gas burner and infrared heat technology simulate frying without the added fat and calories.

Simply place your turkey or chicken (up to 16 pounds) into the deep frying chamber, turn it on with the automated dial, and in no time you will have a crisp juicy turkey that will taste just as if it's been frying in oil. While the turkey cooks you’ll be able to constantly monitor its temperature with the built-in thermometer.

You will also avoid the mess that inherently comes with frying something in oil so cleanup will be easy as pie! A drip pan at the bottom of the fryer also assists in making cleanup easy. The fryer sits at only two feet tall and weighs only 35 pounds, so you can cook a turkey on a back patio, porch, or other small outdoor areas. This compact size also makes it easy to store when not in use.

Bayou Classic 1195 Turkey-Fryer Kit with Burner Review

This fryer will transport you straight to the south, and all of their good ‘oil southern cooking. The Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer and all of its accessories will provide you with everything you need for cooking the perfect deep fried turkey, or chicken. If you've never deep-fried a turkey, this comes with all of the essentials. 

You can fill this deep fryer with your choice of cooking oil. Whether it be peanut oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil it will fry your turkey to perfection. The fryer and all accessories are made of easy to clean stainless steel and can hold up to a large, 18-pound turkey.

This fryer also comes with chicken skewers that can hold up to three chickens. So, if cooking smaller turkeys or chicken, you can save time by cooking more than one at a time. The fryer is elevated off of the ground with a stainless steel cooking frame.

So the cooking pot sits right atop the frame and is high enough for easy insertion and removal of the turkey. The entire apparatus hooks right up to a standard propane tank. Consumers who have purchased this fryer report that they love that it comes with a grab hook for an easy lowering of turkey into the oil, and subsequent removal.

 It’s a great safety feature. If you live in the south, or just want to enjoy southern cooking you can also use this for boils, such a seafood boils, crawfish boils, steamed corn, and much more!

23011615 Butterball XL Electric Fryer Review

The Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer is a favorite of many people for two reasons. First, it is an indoor fryer. There is no need to purchase propane tanks or worry about braving the outdoor elements to fry your turkey. The fryer can be assembled right on your kitchen counter and plugged into the wall.

Even though it is an indoor fryer it’s powerful heating element will heat the oil up quickly and your bird will be cooked into time flat! Worried about safety? The fryer is totally safe to use indoors, as it is equipped with a safe breakaway, magnetic plug.

Consumers also love this fryer because of its extra large capacity. Most fryers will only hold up to a 16-pound turkey. We all know that if you are feeding a large crowd of people, a 16-pound turkey won’t quite cut it. 

This fryer, on the other hand, can accommodate a 20-pound turkey so you can feed a large group and have enough for seconds and even leftovers. Despite its large capacity, it is a relatively small appliance. It won’t take up too much room on your countertop and at only 18 inches tall this fryer can be stored easily when not in use.

Other benefits include ease of use; as it has an easy to read digital timer and temperature controls. It can be cleaned without hassle because it comes with an oil drain. When you are finished frying the turkey, simply open the drain.

Bayou Classic 3025 Turkey Fryer with Accessories Review

When cooking a turkey, having the proper accessories and tools are key to both a great tasting turkey, as well as your safety. This fryer is beneficial because it comes with everything you need to cook a perfect turkey. The fryer stockpot is a 30-quart commercial grade aluminum vessel, which can easily fit up to an 18-pound turkey.

Bayou Classic 3025 Turkey Fryer with Accessories Review

Because it is made of aluminum it is lightweight and easy to move, store, and handle. It is designed so that oil will circulate while the turkey is frying, for a juicy and crisp finish. This all-inclusive set comes with all of the essential accessories that are needed to fry a turkey, meaning you won’t need to go out and buy more things to cook a turkey. Visit  top ten notch for different kitchen gear review.

It comes with a ventilated fryer lid that allows for steam to escape as the turkey or chicken is cooking, and a stainless steel thermometer that will hook right to the side of the pot. This will allow you to safely check the temperature of your bird at any time. The bird needs to rest on something while its cooking or else it will sit on the bottom of the fryer and burn.

This is where the perforated poultry rack will come in handy. Simply place the hollow of the bird on the rack and use the grab hook to lower it into the vat of oil. Before you do that though, don't forget to use the injector to inject the turkey with flavorful juices or marinades prior to frying it.

Masterbuilt 23011114 Electric Turkey Fryer Review

If you’re not too keen on the idea of frying your turkey in a big pot of oil in the backyard, this is the must-have turkey fryer for you. It is electric powered and totally safe to use right in the comfort of your kitchen. Don’t be concerned about the flavor though, this cooker will still fry up to a 20-pound turkey to perfection.

The inside will be moist and juicy, while the outside will be finished with melt-in-your-mouth crispies. It is made of durable stainless steel and will aesthetically fit right in with all of your other kitchen appliances. The fryer is designed with ease of use in mind.

It is very simple to operate, as the temperature controls and digital timer are located directly on the top front of the appliance. When it comes time to clean your fryer, there is a drain valve that can be opened and then used to drain the oil right out of the bottom. No funnels or pouring out of the oil is necessary.

This electric turkey fryer is also a great investment because it is multi-functional. Not only can you fry turkeys or chicken in it, you can also use it for seafood boils, steaming vegetables, and much more. The cooker actually comes with a recipe booklet so you can explore all of the amazing ways that you can use this cooker.

Turkey Deep Fryer "Big Bird" Kit By Bayou Classic Review

Your bird will be the talk of Thanksgiving with this fryer and kit, specifically designed for large, crowd-pleasing turkeys. It is a whopping 44 quarts and can hold the largest of birds, up to 20 pounds. The neigh-sayers who claim that you can not fry a large turkey in a turkey fryer have not seen this set-up.

The fryer and all of its parts and accessories are high-grade stainless steel. Not only is this fryer big, but it comes with everything you need to successfully fry a large turkey. Because it is such a large fryer, the large, sturdy stand is an essential safety feature. The frying pot rests atop this stand preventing tipping and spilling of oil. It also puts the pot at the perfect height for the cook.

You will find the frying basket handy for easy lowering and be removing a large, heavy turkey from the oil vat. In the basket, you can place a turkey stand that can be inserted into the hollow of the turkey to hold it upright in the frying basket for optimum oil circulation around the bird.

While the turkey is cooking, make sure that it stays at the perfect temperature using the thermometer that can be conveniently hooked to the side of the oil vat. As the turkey cooks excess steam can escape through the holes in them. Once your turkey is cooked through, you can use the grab hook and insulated glove to safely and easily remove the turkey.

Masterbuilt 20100809 Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster Review

This is another great option for those who have their health in mind. The Masterbuilt, Oil-Free Turkey Fryer, will cook up to an 18-pound bird, without a drop of oil. It is an electric cooker, meant for outdoor use and features cutting edge technology to ensure that your turkey is cooked to perfection.

Even without oil, this will cook a juicy turkey that is crisp on the outside. The secret is the double walled construction of the vat. Because the heat is indirect, moisture is sealed into your turkey, preventing it from drying out as it cooks. The roasting kit is all-inclusive and comes with everything you need to roast a delicious and healthy turkey.

This is a huge benefit because you can spend hundreds of dollars on key accessories if you buy a bare bones kit. A roasting basket and turkey stand will help to ensure heat is circulating evenly to all parts of the turkey. A drip pan will collect fat and oils as the bird cooks, again making it a much healthier meal. Once the bird is cooked the drip pan can be removed for easy cleaning.

One of the most unique and desirable benefits of this cooker is that it is equipped with a wood chip box that allows you to put different flavored wood chips in with the cooking bird. This will give the bird an amazing smoky flavor that is very unique and akin to cooking on a smoker, but in a quarter of the time.

King Kooker 1265BF3 Outdoor Deep Frying Review

The King Kooker is a heavy duty outdoor fryer, that doubles as a boiler. The main turkey fryer is constructed of lightweight, yet durable aluminum. At 29 quarts, this fryer can handle the largest turkey and is meant for cooking for a crowd; think block party, church picnic, or family reunion sized meal.

The 33,000 BTU cast burner is what gives this fryer such a high cooking capacity. The powerful coil can easily heat the vat, oil and all, up to the ideal temperature for frying a turkey and keep it constant throughout the cooking process.

The setup comes with a variety of accessories making it truly multi-purposeful. It can be put to good use all year long, not just at thanksgiving, so it is an awesome investment, particularly if you enjoy outdoor cooking.

All of your outdoor meals will be sure to be cooked to perfection because this fryer comes with turkey stand and lifter which are beneficial for safely dropping a turkey into, and removing it from the oil. The perforated basket is ideal for boiling and steaming seafood or vegetables, while the two aluminum frying pans that can be used to fry smaller portions of meat.

Whatever you are cooking, you can rest assured that the adjustable regulator and built-in timer will make you are cooking a safe endeavor at all times. No bending over will be necessary as the pot stand will elevate the frying vat to the perfect height for cooking. A detailed instruction manual will provide delicious recipes that you can cook using the fryer/boiler.

Brinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer Review

Looking to cook a great turkey, but don’t need (or want to pay for) a bunch of extra pots, pans, and other unnecessary accessories? This is the perfect turkey fryer for you. It is no frills, coming only with the key parts, but will cook your turkey to perfection all the same.

The aluminum construction makes it easy to transport and store and the frying vat itself has a 30-quart capacity, which can easily accommodate a large bird. It sits on a heavy-duty stand that elevates the fryer, while still keeping it sturdy to prevent tipping over.

This turkey fryer does come with the essentials for cooking a perfect turkey. You will find the turkey grab hook incredibly useful when removing the turkey or chicken from the fry pot. Safety, of course, is of utmost importance.

This fryer is equipped with an automatic shut-off and a 12-inch fryer thermometer which ensures that your turkey is cooking at the proper temperature (not overheating which can cause an oil fire) at all times.

Tip For Using And Operating A Turkey Fryer

Once you've found the perfect turkey fryer for you, make sure to follow these tips!

  • Make sure that the turkey is totally defrosted before frying it. It is very unsafe to fry a frozen turkey.
  • Inject your turkey with seasonings or marinates for extra flavor.
  • Pay attention to the type of oil you use. Many people recommend using peanut oil.
  • If you are cooking multiple turkeys, do not reuse the cooking oil.
  • Monitor the temperature at all times. If it becomes to hot that out side may become to crisp and burn. If it is not hot enough the turkey may become soggy.
  • Set the fryer up at a safe distance from the house to prevent fire hazards.
  • Always use the fry hook to remove the bird from the fryer.
  • Research to correct time to cook your turkey based on its weight. Remember that it does not take nearly as long to fry a turkey as it does to oven roast a turkey.
  • Check to make sure your propane tank is full before you begin roasting. The last thing you want is to run out of propane in the middle of frying.
  • Be creative! Turkey fryers can be used for all sorts of cooking, not just frying a turkey! 

Final Word:

Whatever your reasons, purchasing a turkey fryer, is a great investment. Consider how many people you typically cook for, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor cooking, and whether or not you want an oil fryer, then make your decision. All of the fryers mentioned here are excellent products and you're sure to be satisfied with your purchase and enjoy delicious turkeys on the big day for years to come!