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Best Rice Cooker In 2021 – Tested And Reviewed by Expert!

Best Rice Cooker In 2021 – Tested And Reviewed by Expert!

What Is A Rice Cooker?

A Suihanki or Rice Cooker was developed in Japan in the early 1200s. Early models were made of ceramic material. Today electric rice cookers are a simple and convenient essential appliance for cooking or steaming rice in the kitchen.

They do not require you to stand in front of the stove hoping that you do not burn the rice or get it stuck to the pot. You rinse the rice off, add the proper amount of water, and turn your rice cooker on.

The interior contains a removable pot for serving and cleaning. The best rice cookers are one that meets your personal needs. A rice cooker comes equipped with a heat source, interior cooking bowl, and a thermostat to monitor temperature.

Advanced models have heating elements, burn sensors, and other safety features. A rice cooker is not used like a crock pot or slow cooker. It also is not a pressure cooker. It is a quick and easy way to cook rice perfectly for home use, college students, offices, businesses, or people with busy lifestyles.

Why Use A Rice Cooker?

Many times rice is undercooked and hard because people take it off the stove too soon because they do not want to ruin their cookware or have it burnt on to their pots and pans. With a rice cooker, you do not have to guess. The warmers keep it at a perfect temperature.

It will never be mushy or improperly cooked. Brown or white rice can be cooked in a rice cooker making it a versatile kitchen tool for the many dishes you make in your home with rice as the main meal or side dish. Utilizing a rice cooker ensures you will not have hard centers or a pile of mush.

You may also want to cook vegetables, sauces, and pasta perfectly al dente every time with a rice cooker. For its multiple uses, it is a must-have for your kitchen. You can also cook pasta to the perfect al dente (firm to the tooth), and vegetables, and sauces. Imagine no messes boiling over on your stove. Here are the benefits to using a rice cooker:

  • Proper cooking of rice and other products
  • Time-saving convenience
  • Better health benefits
  • Save cookware and prevent mess
  • Takes up less space

What is Fuzzy-Logic?

Fuzzy-Logic is a technology that will automatically adjust parameters on the rice cooker for optimal cooking performance and the best-tasting rice. Most rice cookers simply cook rice and turn of.

If a rice cooker is equipped with Fuzzy-logic, it knows how long to cook the rice perfectly using special technology with computer chips to adjust the temperature and cook time. Following is a review of some great rice cookers.

The 8 Best Rice Cooker Reviews

As I have briefly mentioned, what is rice cooker and fuzzy logic. The 8 rice cooker we will look at below are composed of the best cooking features, making your cooking more pleasurable.

1. Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer

Zojirushi NS-LGC05XB Micom Rice Cooker & Warmer Review

With an easy-to-read control panel, a clock, and timer this cooker are made to make life easier. It includes a fold-downhandle for easy movement, a retractable power cord, and Advanced fuzzy logic to ensure your rice is cooked perfectly.

A triple heater adds heat all around for even distribution on all sides. A removable vent cap allows steam out without a messy overflow at high temperatures.

In addition, it includes a nonstick rice spatula, holder, and measuring cup. There is an option for automatic warming and reheating. You will love the detachable inner lid for easy washing. Further, it offers a coated nonstick cooking pan. It has 3 cup capacity with a 1 cup minimum. It will cook brown rice, GABA brown rice, white or mixed rice , sushi rice ,grain white rice and so many.

It is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. It is offered in stainless black. A delay timer with two settings that allows for a melody or beep signal gives you the ability to cook other items with the standard timer and still know when your rice is ready.

This rice cooker is ideal for small families or young couples just starting out together and only need smaller portions.With over 90 years of history, Zojirushi is known to use the latest technology in its products (cooking appliances to make the lives of its customers easier globally. This one will not take up much space on your counter.

The rice tastes good and has great texture. It may take a little longer than other rice cookers but it also has the Quick Cook function. The bowl offers a non-stick coating so it is easy to take out rice or to clean it when you are done serving and eating. Zojirushi makes very solid and durable cookers that will last many years if you care for them.

For the price, you get a good quality rice cooker. With two timers that can remember your last setting, you will find convenience and ease with this high-end cooker that allows for 3 cups dry rice capacity. Gift wrapping is available. A warranty is offered with this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-menu cooking functions
  • Special settings for white/mixed riced, sushi rice, brown rice, GABA brown rice, long grain white rice, steel cut oatmeal and quick cooking
  • Easy to store retractable cord
  • Triple heater generate heat all around for even heating
  • Detachable and washable inner lid
  • Interchangeable melody and beep signal
Zojirushi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer NP-NVC10 Review

This is one of the smartest rice cookers ever designed. It is a top of the line induction rice cooker and warmer that uses pressurized cooking and artificial intelligence to cook rice perfectly.

It learns and adjusts with advanced fuzzy logic to get perfect rice every time. A platinum nonstick inner cooking pan actually changes the water quality making the rice absorb water more easily for a better taste.

The pressure cooking helps turn the starches into softer and more easily digested rice. The superior induction heating with three heaters and multiple functions mean this rice will be perfectly cooked and still taste like it was just made several days later.

A melody or beep signal make it a great option. The melody can differentiate between other timers in the kitchen so you know it is the rice cooker. The auto keeps warm means it will not overcook or spoil and automatically switches to keep warm mode. It will keep warm your cooked rice up to 12 hours.

The stainless steel parts are good for sanitizing and durability. It also includes a pressurized safety valve, inner filter, and pressure indicator on the control panel for safe use. Further, the lid remains locked during the pressure cooking setting to prevent children or others from being injured by hot temperatures or items under pressure.

The outside offers a clear coat stainless steel that makes clean up very easy. It comes with two measuring cups, a holder, and rice spatula. The accessories are great for making the perfect rice. This model is more expensive than the others, but you will get what you pay for and more. It is super smart, sleek, and makes delicious foods with ease and convenience. You will need to purchase an adapter if you are outside of the USA.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-menu cooking functions include settings for white, mixed, sushi/sweet rice, porridge, brown, GABA brown and quick cooking
  • Umami setting extends soaking and steaming time for better rice
  • Steam-reduce setting reduces steam to 50-percent of regular setting
  • Easy to ready colored LCD control panel with clock and delay timer
  • Scorch setting toasts rice to a crispy golden brown, ideal for special dishes
Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker with Slow Cooker and Bread Maker Review

The Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH 5 cup rice cooker with warmer means a perfect meal every time.

Equipped with 'cook' synchronized cooking meaning you can prepare two dishes at the same time and get the power of induction heating.

Unlike other cookers, the cooking plate is designed so flavors from the plate do not affect your rice flavor and texture.

11 microcomputer settings include plain, ultra, quick for white rice. The quick mode will make rice perfectly at the shortest possible time. Ultra is for enhancing maximum sweetness and flavor.

The rice is soaked twice in ultra mode and takes extra time to heat and cook delicious rice. With the synchronized cooking mode rice and your side dishes can be cooked together using the 'cook' plate. It includes other options like breakfast cereals, jasmine, brown, mixed, slow cooker, oatmeal, and bread baking.

A computer chip inserted in the rice cooker has been programmed with all the menu settings and functions. It will adjust the power and Docking time as desired.

After you insert the cooking pan with your ingredients, choose a setting, the sensor will automatically start the cooking process. With a little preparation and the press of a button, the computer does all the work. The inner pan is coated with durable ceramic for the best health and non sticking surface and is 2.5 mm thick. The lid is removable for easy cleaning.

Performing with excellence this slow cooker, rice cooker, and bread maker is a great choice for anyone that loves great tasting food. Five metal layers and three coating layers made this a durable rice cooker with a lot of possibilities for use.

Your plug will only work in the USA. You will need to get an adapter if you live in another country. Gift wrapping is available. A warranty is available for this cooker.

Highlighted Features:

  • This 5.5-cup rice cooker and warmer
  • Removable and washable lid
  • Multilayer ceramic coated inner pan
  • Easy-to-read LCD control panel
  • Induction Heating System
  • 11 computerized cooking menu settings
  • Inner pan with grip handle for easy carry
  • 2preset cooking timer

4. Panasonic SR-DE103 Fuzzy Logic 8 Pre-Program Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-DE103 Fuzzy Logic 8 Pre-Program Rice Cooker Review

The Panasonic rice cooker model SR-GO6FOL takes 3 cups of dry rice making 6 whole cups of cooked rice. The automatic cooker has a tempered glass lid with a top knob to lift.

The pan is non-stick coated aluminum. It does not have a separate steam basket. The auto off function turns the machine off when the rice is fully cooked.

This is also a safety feature so you do not have a running appliance on in your home and you may have some type of danger. It is simply for rice. Deliciously simple and deliciously cooked rice. This rice cooker makes very good rice. This rice maker is good for a small family but not able to handle a large gathering or large amounts of rice. It will cook brown, white, fast, sticky, and has a slow cook setting for cake. An insert for non stick is included.

The rice cooker keep you food warm and reheat automatically.The LCD control panel gives you 8 quick programs from which to choose. You will be able to steam.The push button digital control panel is easy to use. Panasonic makes a good product that is reliable and safe. Their electronics are accurate and technology is really well done on this unit.  With 8 pre-program settings there is nothing that you cannot do with this cooker.

It has quality craftsmanship from the tempered glass right down to the steam basket.  You will not be disappointed with this rice cooker. Remember it also contains fuzzy logic so that it has an on board brain that tells you how to perfectly cook many different verities. Do not forget to check out the recipe book. It is packed with lots of recipes some that involve rice and others that do not.

You will enjoy trying different things while having the convenience of cooking the rice and not standing over the stove or worry about leaving the stove on and getting busy walking away and then you may have a problem. This is a great way to cook with safety and convenience.The serving paddle allows the rice to come off easily. The insert lines are hard to read by once you get used to it. This is a nice little rice cooker. The unit has a clock and status bar. The rice turns out perfectly, tender but a little chewy.

Create perfect rice for meals or side dishes or stir-fry. You will need to purchase a  220/240 volt  adapter  if you live outside the USA. It can make perfectly cooked sushi, all types of rice, and porridge and so many. This offers great pre-program rice settings so that no matter what type of rice, you are getting a great finished fully cooked product at a good value. Always read the manual carefully. Use utensils properly and according to instruction& This product comes with a warranty and complete list of recipes.

Here are some things to remember with this and other cookers. Always read the instruction manual. Use the handles or knobs for safety. Do not immerse the electronics in water. Keep an eye on children and watch the kids don't pull the cooker on them. Always unplug from the wall when not in use.  Always let the cooker cool down before servicing or cleaning.

Never use a damaged cord. Be careful that the cord does not hang over the counter top.  Do not remove the interior bowl when the cooker is on. The dimensions are 13-1/8-inch (L) by 9-7/8-inch (W) by 8-1/4-inch (H)

Highlighted Features:

  • Micro-computer "Fuzzy Logic" controller
  • Black pan with white anodizing for better tasting rice
  • Eight Pre-Program Control Panel
  • 24-Hour Preset Timer
  • 12-Hour keep warm
  • 24-hour clock
  • Menu includes white/brown/sticky rice, porridges, steam, slow cook, 15-minute cook and cake
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Push-Button Lid Release
Midea Mb-fs5017 10 Cup Rice Cooker & Steamer & Slow Cooker Review

A real good rice cooker for people on the go. A one year warranty and easy clean up make this multi-use rice cooker, slow cooker, and steamer a great choice for any kitchen.

A convenient cooker with the capacity for two to ten cups of any type of rice with special functions for both white or brown rice. A BPA free basket for steaming means a healthy way of cooking meats, vegetables on top, as rice cooks below.

A delay timer up to 24 hours, means the rice cooker is ready any time day or night.Includes the standard utensils of most rice cookers, but with 5 liters capacity, is also capable of handling large parties or big gatherings. Enjoy easy home cooking with Midea 2-10 cup Smart Multi-Rice Cooker. It will deliver restaurant-quality rice. It includes the option to make healthy steamed meals. Perhaps you want to try a delicious one-pot dish.

You will love the LED digital control panel and clock. This top selling cooker on amazon.com is also a slow cooker with a 24-hour delay timer for flexible meal making.The inner pot is made of teflon and heavier than other inner pot. The steam inner basket is BPA free and compliant of FDA standard and is easy convenient and easy to clean.Put your meat and vegetables in the basket with your rice in the bottom for a one-pot meal.

The inner pot is made of five types of material for even heat distribution. The pot is also removeable and easy to clean.You will receive your rice cooker with measuring cup, rice spoon, soup spoon and user manual. 11 function settings include White Rice, Congee, Quick Rice, Brown Rice, Breakfast Cereals, Oatmeal, Soup, Broth, Stew, and a 10 hour slow cook feature.You will need to buy a 220/240-Volt adapter plug if you live outside the USA. Gift wrap is available. A limited warranty is offered with this model. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 5L capacity
  • Suitable for 3 to 10 people
  • Super touching control panel
  • 11 kinds of menus which are suitable for all kinds of people
  • 24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning
  • The inner is made of 5 kinds of material
  • The inner heating fast, and continue to heat preservation so the rice can absorb water fully and make itself more delicious
  • Include a cup,2 spoon,a food steamer
  • The part that easy to dirty can be removed
Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 (Uncooked) Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer Review

The Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy logic electric rice cooker model NS-ZCC10/18 has its own brain and can think logically as it keeps the perfect temperature and time.

It will maintain a warming cycle and reheat. The color is white and is available in 1.0 and 1.8-liter sizes. The aluminum inner non stick interior maintains heat evenly and includes measurement markings inside for convenience.

The outside handles are cool to touch with an inner aluminum that is easy to clean. A hard wired cord that is retractable for storage and a 2 delay timer with LCD lighting, you can set it to cook your rice or foods to be done when you get home from work.

It will give you a tone and countdown 10 minutes before your rice is ready. Then, it goes to the warming cycle and does not automatically shut off. This rice cooker does not come with the steam basket. The rice cooker cooks all types of rice perfectly. This 1.0-liter unit holds over 5 cups of rice and weighs about 9 pounds and it measures 10-1/8-inches wide x 13-inches deep x 8-1/8-inches high. 

You can cook quinoa and black rice on the regular/brown rice mode. Although you cannot cook beans but you can cook risotto, pasta, grits, steel cut oats, basmati rice and more. Don't use metal utensils. Use only wood, rubber or plastic.You need to wash the inner lid and inside pot by your hand. The rice cooker also has a CR2450 battery inside the bottom cover. When you keep it plugged, it will not drain the battery.It is California Proposition 65 compliant. Read details here.

your rice cooker comes with 2 measuring cups, non stick rice scooper and holder, recipe and a 1-year limited warranty. The user manual is available in English, French, traditional, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The cooker is made in Japan.

You will need to buy  a 220/240-Volt adapter plug if you live outside the USA. Gift wrap is available. Do not forget this has a limited warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5--1/2-cup computerized rice cooker
  • Comes with advanced Neuro Fuzzy logic technology
  • Multi-menu selections
  • Automatic keep-warm
  • Extended keep-warm
  • Reheat cycles
  • Spherical, nonstick inner pan allows for uniform heating
  • LCD clock and timer
  • Retractable cord
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Measures approximately 14 by 8 by 9 inches
  • Includes 2 measuring cups, nonstick rice spoon/scooper, rice spoon holder, and recipes.
T-fal RK705851 Rice and Multicooker with Automatic Functions and Delayed Timer Review

The The T-fal® model RK705851 Multi Cooker may not look pretty with a white exterior and bubble shape, but it will get the job done right for you. It can make breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.

It comes with a black plastic steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, and measuring cup so you will not need to hunt for accessories.

Measurement markings make accurate amounts easy to attain. It has a white plastic exterior, bubbly shape, and big buttons on its display.

It has fuzzy-logic technology for perfect cooking. It has a 10-cup capacity to cook for 10 or more people. This rice cooker is not a pressure cooker. You will be able to prepare all types of rice including cereal, porridge, risotto, baby food, stew, sushi rice, bake desserts and so many! It is able to keep your food warm, reheat with its adjustable cooking time and delayed start functions.

You can use it as slow cooker for beans, ham hocks and cornbread. This rice cooker is even makes yogurt. The inner pot is coated with 6 times more durable ceramic for the best health and non-sticking surface. The pot can hold 2.36 liters and 2.0mm thick.The bottom is diamond-shaped pattern and provides great cooking.

It also come with 24 hour delay timer. The bowl is dishwasher safe. This is not a pressure cooker. The dimensions are 11.06-inches high x 10.75-inches wide x 10.75-inches. Gift-wrapping is available for a special occasion, family, and friends. Detailed tables are included for how to make the best Arborio, white, brown, and sticky rice varieties. The machine is easy to use and the steamer function is great for asparagus and other vegetables.

The slow cooker offers 3 settings and the convenience of throwing the items in and walking away until it is ready. The multi-cooker requires the use of the booklet to make sure your recipe turns out correctly as oven times and temperatures do not work for the multi cooker.

Cheesecake, macaroni, and cheese, all kinds of recipes are possible for the multi cooker as long as you follow the booklet For a Multi Cooker, the 10 in L's manual spends a lot of paper (four out of 19 pages) on rice.

There are detailed tables telling you how best to make white, brown, sticky, and Arborio varieties. Like a lot of other rice cookers, it uses "fuzzy logic' to adjust cooking time and temperature on its own to make sure both rice and risotto come out perfectly. The machine itself is easy to use, but the recipes can get complex.

You will receive with your rice cooker,1 rice spoon, 1 soup, spoon holder, measuring cup, colorful recipe book, User’s Manual in English, Spanish, and France, with a 1-year Limited Warranty. The cooker is made in China. You will need to buy a 220/240-Volt adapter plug if you live outside the USA. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 10 pre-set programs include: rice, risotto, reheat, oatmeal, slow cook, steam/soup, yogurt, baking, browning, and automatic keep warm
  • Fuzzy Logic technology adjusts cooking as needed for perfect results
  • Push-button digital control panel
  • Adjustable cook time
  • 24-hour delay start
  • Micro pressure valve helps maintain the natural aroma and flavor of food
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 10 cup capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable 2mm thick nonstick inner pot with ceramic coating ensures effortless food release
Cuckoo CR-0631F Electric Heating Rice Cooker Review

Cuckoo rice cookers are the most popular rice cookers in the Korean market. The company is located in South Korea. Cuckoo rice cookers are known for its quality and use of innovative technologies.

They are available for the American market. The Cuckoo CR-0631 is a general model that is inexpensive. 

The CR-0631F pink and white rice cooker uses 6 cups of dry rice for perfectly cooked rice every time for you.It will also cook 1 cup of rice. The inner pot is made of aluminum with teflon coating so that nothing sticks. The pot is easy to clean by hand washing. Do not use dishwasher because teflon does not do well in dishwashers.The internal pot has a flat bottom and curved sides, which will help you for even cooking.

This rice cooker cook GABA rice (beneficial amino acid in green beans), peaches and other foods. It will cook brown rice, white rice and all types of rice. With its 6 cooking functions, you can prepare grains, rice and cooked cereals. The large LCD control is easy to read.

You will notice a solid outer lid and inner lid. The steam vent also has a redirection feature to have steam come out either side. The Cuckoo CR-0631 is most simply meant for cooking rice. It does not include other settings for dishes. If you want a cooker that specializes in rice only, this is the one for you.

It does not have delay timing, digital features or menu settings. It is meant for cooking the perfect rice. Included are a measuring cup and rice paddle.The Cuckoo CR-0631 rice cooker cooks rice evenly without burning it. It is California Proposition 65 compliant. Read more here.

The warmer function keeps cooked rice warm without drying it out because of a close fitting inner lid. You will find it is great for keeping the rice nicely cooked and ready to eat for hours because of this feature.

You will need to buy a a 220/240-Volt adapter plug if you live outside the USA. Gift wrap is available. 1-year Limited Warranty is offered for this product. The cord is safe for you, because it does not retract into body. The dimensions are 9.3 x 12.5 x 8.4 inches.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cute Stylish Design
  • Wide LCD
  • Electric Rice Cooker
  • 6 Cups Uncooked (3 Liters / 3.2 Quarts)
  • Non-Stick Coating Inner Pot
  • Fuzzy Logic & Intelligent Cooking
  • GABA Function
  • Turbo Cooking
  • Slow Cook Function
  • 6Cooking Settings
  • 1year manufacturer warranty covering parts and labor

Final Verdict

These top 8 rice cookers can please everyone that cooks in the kitchen. They are convenient, easy to use, and make some super yummy foods. Check out these great products and you will find one that fits your personal needs, style, and budget. These are great rice cookers at a great value. The features are amazing to the point that you will feel like you have your own personal chef with you in the kitchen churning out great tasting meals for family, friends, and guests. The portable feature of the rice cookers means that you can take them to the outdoor barbecue, work party, or business meeting. Give one of these rice cookers a try today!