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Best Gas Cooktop In 2021 – Top Models Compared!

Best Gas Cooktop In 2021 – Top Models Compared!

By the time you have settled for a gas cooktop, you must have weighed your options and concluded that it is the best choice. Well, here I recommend to you the best of the best gas cooktop because not all gas cooktops will give you what you need, even though they all use natural gas.

The selection is intentional since it is research-based. It pronounces the benefits of a gas cooktop such as its pocket friendliness, time-saving quality and ease of use. Each selection has a unique feature that serves a particular purpose which will interest you. As a bonus, these gas cooktops are nothing less than elegant.

Our Top Selected Gas Cooktop Reviews:

Empava EMPV-34GC5L90A Burners Stove Top Gas Cooktop Review

If you are looking for a stove that cooks fast, then you have found it. The secret behind this speed quality is the even and constant strength of the flame, regardless of whether all burners are lit or not. 

This means you can cook different dishes on it using various cooking methods, simultaneously. 

The heat levels can also be adjusted from low, to medium and high to cater for the varied types of cooking such as frying that takes more heat than steaming. This means you can still retain nutrients in your food by cooking on low heat or spoil yourself with French fries that need more heat to cook well.

Of the five burners, the triple ring burner has the highest BTU of 11,942 and the lowest, 3412. The burners are also so designed to accommodate different sizes of pots and pans for effective cooking. This ensures that the flames do not flare outside the cooking pot resulting in wasted fuel or posing a fire hazard threat.

This cooktop is fitted with a flame safety device, which guards against fire outbreaks. Cleaning a gas cooktop is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even so, this stylish-looking stove is easy to clean because it is made of stainless steel. Additionally, the gas cooktop is cost effective and still gives you value for your money. 

This cooktop is also fitted with a flameout protection that ensures safety from fire hazards. The cooktop has a one-year parts warranty. Faulty parts of the appliance will be repaired or replaced within this duration.

GE 4 Sealed Burner Built-In Gas Cooktop Review

This gas cooktop will supersede your expectations. Installing it is as simple as can be and it goes for a very pocket-conscious price.

The top not only looks good but is also easy to clean considering that it is made of stainless steel. All you need is little vinegar or dishwashing soap and a soft cloth. 

The burners are strategically positioned with the very small one occupying the front position and two larger ones sitting at the back. Hence, it is a good safety feature not to reach out to small pots over big ones. The four burners present the options of heating levels required for your varied cooking methods.

When lit, the flames are even guaranteeing that when you cook, some parts of the food will not remain raw as other parts get overcooked. Your food will cook evenly. The knobs are also smooth adjusting the flames across the levels of high, medium and low effortlessly.

 With the large grates that come with this cooktop, you do not need to lift a pot from one burner to the next; you just glide them along. The grates are also very strong offering stability for the differing sizes of your cooking pots.

These grates are also positioned right so that the cookware on it is not too far from the flame. There is an electronic ignition system which saves on gas and guarantees safety as well. It has a one year guarantee during which repairs and replacements of faulty parts can be carried out.

Ramblewood GC4-50N High Efficiency Gas Cooktop Review

With this gas cooktop option, you do not have to dig far down into your pocket; it meets you where you are financially.

The size of this cooktop perfectly fits that small kitchen and still performs just as well. It combines top quality with efficiency giving it an expensive look. Made of stainless steel, this gas cooktop is easy to clean.

It has a safety feature that automatically shuts off the supply of gas when the flame accidentally goes off. This not only saves on gas that would have otherwise leaked away unused but more so prevents a potential fire outbreak or worse still, an explosion!

Built with sealed burners, the seal keeps the food or liquid from spilling into the burner which might in turn cause clogging in the gas passages. These burners are consequently easy to clean. The burners are in four sizes giving you the liberty to explore various cooking techniques that require varying heating levels.

The flames from these burners are nothing less than powerful with the biggest burner producing 12000 BTU for high heat and the smallest burner emitting 3000 BTU, enough for a simmer. Made of heavy iron, the continuous grates make shifting pots across burners manageable, minimizing the likelihood of the pot tipping. 

These grates are also a stable support for big cookware. In addition, its limited one-year warranty ensures that appliance faults are replaced within the time and terms specified.

WindMax Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop Review

You can’t go wrong with this gas cooktop. Up to a maximum of six pots can be cooking on it at the same time on its six burners.

A multiple cooktop also offers storage space to keep food warm as further cooking is ongoing. This means it can serve a small family as well as a big family competently.

And all this is for a reasonable price? Cooking has never been better!
The six-burner options provide the varied heating levels required for professional cooking. The main burner has a heat input of 10235 BTU/hr meant for dishes that require high heat cooking such as deep frying foods.

The smallest burner has a third of this burner heat input amounting to 3412 BTU/hr. It suits low heat cooking which is suitable for stews, various sauces and all kinds of soups. You can fry, boil or simmer various dishes from simple to more detailed ones on this cooktop with ease. You may also read the review of gas cooktop with downdraft here.

The grates are made of heavy-duty iron that promises to hold cookware of various sizes and weights, comfortably. The surface of this cooktop is made of stainless steel and therefore very easy to clean: a plus for those who struggle to keep their cooktops sparkling.

It has a burner cap which ensures the flame is distributed evenly for uniform cooking. The cap is also a good protective cover against food and grease spillage. In summary, those in need of a contemporary gas cooktop must not settle for anything less than this one.

Frigidaire FGGC3645QB Gas Cooktop Review

The impression this cooktop gives you the first time you set your eyes on it is inviting. Beyond this aesthetic component are functions that will not disappoint you.

Its surface is roomy, confirming that each cookware will comfortably fit in its designated location.

This five burner cooktop is designed to serve families of various sizes. Besides, food that is ready is easily kept warm on the cooktop as you continue to cook more on the other free burners.

The burners are sealed eliminating the likelihood of spills making a mess on the burner. They are also easy to keep clean. These burners are suited to handle various cooking techniques which take high heat levels of up to 18,000 BTU that is also good for boiling water fast.

The burner with the lowest heat levels of 5,000 BTU for sauces requiring special care. In addition, the knobs will help you control the heat instantly to the required level for efficient cooking results.

As if these are not enough, the continuous grates are strong enough to handle large and heavy pots well. They are easy to clean having been made of cast iron. The equipment has a one-year warranty that is limited.

Repairs and replacements of defective parts are guaranteed for free within the one-year. Should the gas cooktop develop problems upon installation or use, make good use of your warranty.

Windmax HS6802 Stainless Steel Fixed Cooktop Cooker Review

Designed for top-notch efficiency, this cooktop fits the contemporary kitchen. All this elegance is yours at a good deal that is affordable giving you value for your money.

It is easy to assemble and comes with six burners. The burners have varying burner heat inputs ranging from 10235 Btu/H to 3412 Btu/H.

This proves that it is a one-stop heat facility offering high heat on the one hand, and low heat levels on the other, to handle varied cooking styles at the same time. If you are boiling your pasta, shallow frying your egg, stir-frying your vegetables and need to cook three more types of food, this cooktop will not let you down.

The six burners are sealed with a protective cover which inhibits food spills from entering the burner. Food spills pose a danger of blocking the flame passages in the burner over time. A clogged gas burner will either produce weak flames or none whatsoever.

These protective covers also make it easy to clean the cooktop. Keeping this equipment clean is further made easier because it is made of stainless steel which responds well to cleaning. Mind you, not many enjoy cleaning cooktops!

In addition, stainless steel is durable. So this cooktop will serve you for a very long time and on a daily basis without a hassle. Having a one-year warranty will help in replacing or repairing any defects noticed for free.

What To Consider Before Buying A Gas Cooktop

Purchasing a gas cooktop is a serious matter. Hence, close consideration of the factors of the gas cooktop should be a determinant in selecting what will suit you. You need to balance between aesthetic appeal of the gas cooktop even as you consider its functionality.

Safety Takes Top Priority

A good gas cooktop has a safety device that will automatically cut off the gas or bring it on, should the flame suddenly go out. It is called a flame failure device. Natural elements such as wind, or liquid spills from the cooking food can extinguish the flame. This device is a good safety measure against a fire outbreak.

Type Of burners

There are various kinds of burners: large burners, medium burners, and wok burners. Each burner is suited for different cooking methods because of the heat output produced. The burners also differ in the kind of cookware suitable for each.

Wok burners, for example, are good for extra large cookware and are designed for cooking methods such as stir-frying because of their intense heat. Burners which are far apart are also preferred since various cookware fits well.

Closely spaced burners are restrictive on the number of cookware that can be handled on the cooktop at a time especially if they are big in size. Burners with a protective cap have advantages. Open burners are exposed to spillage of food causing the burner to be clogged.

This affects the flame quality. So, unless you are planning to clean the burner often, stick to those with the protective cap. Burners with caps keep cookware closer to the flame than open burners. 

Size Of The Cooktop

Gas cooktops are made in varying sizes. The rule of the thumb is the measurements of the cooktop should fit the installation requirements in your kitchen such as allowable space above the cooktop. The size of the cooktop should also be selected based on the size of the cookware that you intend to use it with. This will necessitate shopping for a cooktop with your cookware. The cooktop that passes your cookware fitting test might just be the right one for you.

Control Knobs

Go for the ones that have a good grip, are sizeable and have a definite pointer. Metal knobs last longer and knobs with a crossbar can be gripped easily. Additionally, if you have small children, select gas cooktops with knobs positioned on the cooktop surface as a security measure.


These should be strong so as to support the weight of the cookware. They should have closer gaps to allow for sliding pans across burners. Enamel grates clean easily.


Be on the lookout for a surface that can be cleaned easily. Some surfaces are made to contain the spills.

Material Used

Stainless steel is the best material for gas cooktops. It cleans easily, lasts long and looks good.


It is advantageous to use gas cooktops in all ways. Firstly, they are affordable, and food cooks fast and well on them. The six carefully selected gas cooktops reviewed here serve you with these merits and more. These gas cooktops will over-deliver going by their features and serve you for a long time. You have your part to play, though. Take good care of them!

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