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Best Electric Deep Fryer For 2021 - Top Models Reviewed!

Best Electric Deep Fryer For 2021 – Top Models Reviewed!

Fried foods are irresistible. Whether you are frying vegetables such as zucchinis, meats like steak or starchy foods like French fries, you are always guaranteed of a delicious outcome; something you can look forward to. However, quality results cannot be achieved by accident. You need the right equipment: an electric deep fryer. These fryers have become one of the mandatory kitchen appliances. 

Considering that frying foods is an essential part of life, when carried out in a deep fryer it is safer than in a pot or pan. This is because of the safety controls put in place. It is also faster when done in these fryers than its conventional counterpart. This review presents the eight best electric deep fryers proven to deliver.

Best Electric Deep Fryer Review

Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Electric Deep Fryer Review - best electric deep fryers

This electric deep fryer will always be your companion during happy large gatherings. It can handle tasty food that can serve many.

It is made of stainless steel. This metal does not rust and it is hard to scratch it. Hence, this deep fryer offers durability that will last for years.

It has three baskets, two of which you can use to cook various foods at a go saving on time as well as energy. The third basket is larger than the two, equally promising you quantities. These baskets are versatile. You can use them to strain foods such as noodles from boiling water in your other cooking sprees.

There is a 4.2 liter tank that can be heated to very hot temperatures with a powerful element capable of transferring 1700 watts of electricity. It heats up very quickly and produces food that is crispy and evenly cooked. This guarantees a super fast cooking speed with mouth-watering results. The electric deep fryer has heat control features which can be adjusted for optimum food results.

When the oil attains extremely high temperatures, you can rely on the thermostat to regulate the heat to the required settings to prepare the food. This will ensure that your food will not overcook or burn. It is also a safety control measure against an eventual fire resulting from overheating oil.

The tank is removable and therefore can be cleaned easily. You don’t have to worry about your entire house being filled with food odors. This deep fryer comes with charcoal filters whose purpose is to reduce odor. The filters ensure that the smell produced by cooking different foods in the same fryer do not affect each other negatively.

In addition, these filters will rid your oil of small particles of food that break off while frying. An additional set of filters are part of the package you get with this fryer. It has a limited one-year warranty for parts and service. 

Hamilton Beach (35036) Electric Deep Fryer Review

This fryer contributes immensely to the laughter that results from people sharing a meal fried in it. Safety is paramount with this fryer hence the breakaway cord.

This power cord is attached magnetically to the heating unit so that it disconnects easily in case of an emergency that threatens the fryer from tipping over especially while the oil is dangerously hot.

The deep fryer has two baskets giving you the freedom to cook two kinds of food simultaneously. It also has a third large basket in case you need to prepare a large quantity of one kind of food. You will also be able to keep a constant flow of cooking.

Meanwhile, you will enjoy a splatter-free frying experience. Splattering of hot oil can cause injury to the body. It also causes your kitchen to be messy. Hence, this fryer is designed with an adjustable timer which automatically goes off to regulate the temperature of the oil.

With this timer, the heat of the oil will not be too low producing soggy results, or too high causing food to burn and yet it is still raw inside. Furthermore, the dryer has a lid. The food can be lowered or removed from the hot oil with the lid on minimizing splattering further.

Note that a closed lid does not hinder you from monitoring your food since the lid has a view window which allows you to monitor your food to achieve the desired golden outputs.

The fryer has a capacity of transmitting 1800 watts of power making it manageable to prepare large quantities of food at the same time. You can serve approximately six people with French fries taken from one fried batch.

This fryer is made of stainless steel confirming that it is made to last and is rust resistant. The fryer is easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to separate, easy to clean, and needless to say, even easier to store when disassembled. 

T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Easy to clean Deep Fryer Review

Do you want to fry like a pro? Then this fryer will eliminate the rampant guesswork you might be experiencing in frying.

It is made of strong stainless steel material to serve you for long which also gives you value for your money. The fryer is such an energy saver that it consumes less power compared to an oven, and takes less time to cook.

With a power level of 1700 watts, it supplies sufficient heat to produce crispy results. It has an adjustable thermostat which ensures that you have the right temperature and not run the risk of having chicken with a crispy crust complete with a raw inside if the oil is too hot.

This heating system also ensures that the foods being fried absorb very minimal oil making them healthy to consume. The indicator lights turn on when the element is switched on and turns off as soon as the set temperature is attained. This helps you to know when the fryer is set to begin frying your food.

As you lower the basket with food into the hot oil, the vented lid protects you from splattering grease which would otherwise burn you and mess the surrounding surfaces and floor in the process. The basket has two positions: cooking position and oil draining position.

It can be hung for oil to drip. This reduces the amount of oil served by default on a given plate. The fryer has a plastic container for storing the used oil for a future reuse, making frying cost effective. As the used and cooled oil drains from the fryer, it is passed through a filtration system that cleans it of food particles. This oil can be reused.

The fryer has removable parts (except the heating element and the power cord) which can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand. Besides, with this fryer, oil does not splatter while frying. This deep fryer has a limited warranty that lasts a lifetime. 

Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer Review

This deep fryer will transform frying freaks into a fry cook! It has features which will encourage you to cook creatively.

The strong element in it can attain a high heating level of up to 1800 watts and sustain it throughout the cooking time. 

Even when you fry a full basket of frozen food, the heat level is not compromised because it recovers the temperature that is lost very quickly. The temperature controls are efficient and user-friendly. The outcome is food that is evenly cooked with a crisp texture.

The digital timer is simple to set up. It will beep, alerting you that your delicacy is done. There are two baskets and a third large basket which enables you to prepare large quantities of food for many.

Safety measures have been in-built in the fryer and this is the reason it has a breakaway cord. This magnetic cord easily disconnects from the fryer. This will prevent the fryer from being dragged along accidentally or tipping over.

The length of the cord is short enough because it is also a safety measure. While it is cooking, the outer frame only gets warm and therefore cannot burn. The handles of the basket safely remain cool during the cooking process.

There is a lid that guards against splattering of oil when moist food is lowered into the hot oil. The design of the lid causes the oil to drip back on the sides of the fryer. This feature makes this dryer safe for home use. The lid has a view window which helps you safely keep track of the progress of the contents of the fryer.

This dryer is made of durable and long-lasting stainless steel to ensure quality service over the long haul. It is as easy to assemble as it is easy to disassemble. Most of the parts are also easy to wash in the dishwasher. It has a one-year limited warranty. With proper care, it will serve you flawlessly and meet all your expectations.

Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Deep Fryer Review

You are looking at a deep fryer that will exceed your expectations. It is built to endure the test of time and that is why it is made of high-quality stainless steel which does not rust.

Considering that it has a 5 lb food capacity, it can handle food for a large family.

Its element has a high wattage of 1800 which gives you the high temperature required for better results. At the same time, once ingredients have been lowered in it for frying, the heat is recovered fast. Its adjustable thermostat sets the heat to the right level otherwise the quality of the fried food would be compromised.

The additional signal light sends you the message that the equipment is ready to fry. Otherwise, if food is put in oil that is not yet as hot as required, your food will be soggy. The provision of dual baskets gives you the freedom to fry two different foods. They are oblong-shaped to accommodate big chunks of food such as fish and chicken comfortably. 

The baskets clean easily and their handles fold into them. This makes storage very convenient. The lid of the fryer has charcoal air filters. Fried foods release odors into the house, some of which can take days to get rid of. Rest assured that the filters in this fryer are very efficient at removing unpleasant odors. The charcoal filter absorbs the chemicals that cause odors.

The lid is also a safety precaution against spattering which can cause harm.
The outer shell of the fryer is separated from the container which holds the oil. Consequently, when the oil heats up, it does not get to the outer shell but only warms it.

This is a bonus safety measure for home use that this deep fryer comes with. The deep fryer can be separated and cleaned without difficulty since it is made of stainless steel. The deep fryer has a one-year limited warranty.

Hamilton Beach (35021) Deep Fryer with Cool Touch Review

This is nothing less than a five-star deep fryer that will please you! With a 1500 watts of power level, it heats up very quickly and this produces excellently fried foods.

The oil heat is controlled by the adjustable temperature controls that ensure that you get exactly what you set. 

Right temperatures will produce the desired results of crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.The power on and lights indicate that the heat is adequate for frying. When the food is put in the hot oil, the heat is quickly recovered back. The quality of fried food from this fryer is nothing short of excellent, all at an affordable price.

As frying is ongoing, the sides of the deep fryer will not burn you as they are safely designed to remain warm. Safety is further reinforced by the short breakaway cord. The cord is held magnetically to the heating unit in the fryer to facilitate easy disconnection in the eventuality of an emergency that could cause hot oil to spill over from the fryer when it tips over.

Meanwhile, the charcoal filters this fryer has will ensure that no odor spreads to other rooms. When frying your fish for instance, there will absolutely be no odor in the house. With this fryers, there are no splatters at all. The lid is sufficient to stop oil particles from jumping out posing an injury risk.

The view window on the lid is large enough to observe the frying contents below and this ensures quality control. The fried food can additionally be allowed to drain the extra oil with the help of the hooks on the basket. All this can be carried out even with the lid on.

It is easy to remove the deep fryer parts for cleaning. Going by its size, it is easy to store too. This deep fryer is warranted for a period of one year from the date it was purchased.

Proctor Silex (35041) Professional-Style Electric Deep Fryer Review

It is not the size that matters but efficiency; suggests this deep fryer model. It is just as versatile as a deep fryer should be.

Made of stainless steel, it guarantees the longevity of service and it will remain free of scratches.

It is adequate for a single serving as well as up to four servings. This deep fryer has one basket which can be positioned on the hooks to allow for draining of extra oil from the food once it is fried. This minimizes wastage of oil that would otherwise be reused.

The wattage this dryer has is 1200 watts, and it heats up very fast. The temperature control is exact to ensure that the quality required is not compromised by too low or too high heat. When heat is too high for example, the food in the drier is likely to burn on the outside, while remaining uncooked within.

Food cooks evenly since the heat is sustained till the food is ready. Its capacity of 1.5 liters of oil ensures effective usage of oil because it still fries your food to a mouth-watering crisp.

The deep fryer is safe to use. It has handles that do not get heated and burn your hands since they are made of materials which are poor conductors of heat. Its stainless steel outer shell does not get heated up either, making it safe to use.

There is a lid which handles oil splatters very well. Hence, your floor will not be messy with splattering oil spills. The equipment is designed with a short cord that magnetically connects to the dryer. This cord breaks away easily from the heating unit when pulled thus eliminating the risk of injuries from hot oil accidents.

This equipment is easy to clean as it is made of stainless steel and can be dismantled without difficulty. It has a three-year warranty that is limited and it is also bought at a pocket-friendly price. 

Meykey Electric Deep Fryer Cool-touch

This deep fryer brings elegance to your kitchen; you will like its appearance. Coming with a high power level of 1500 watts, it can heat oil to very high levels of heat for foods that cook well with this level such as fish and French fries.

There is an indicator light which is a communication signal from the fryer. It tells you that it is ready to begin frying.

This it does once the adjustable thermostat has set the right temperatures. This gives you the right setting needed for the production of golden brown results. When food is put in the heated oil, the time it takes for the oil to recover the heat is encouraging because it is very fast.

Hence, with this fryer, the required heat is sustained right to the end of the cooking exercise. Note that this constant temperature causes food to be properly cooked and in effect retain very little oil on them. Your food will not be soggy with oil. Properly fried foods are crispy on the outside and moist within.

Safety is observed in this dryer and hence the name, ‘cool touch’. This means the outer sides of the deep fryer do not heat up dangerously as frying is ongoing. Instead the outer part remains safe to touch. The danger splattering poses in frying is dealt with in this fryer with the lid.

Since splattering can cause fire hazards and body injuries not to mention a messy kitchen, the lid of this deep fryer is hinged on to the rest of the unit. There is also a view window that gives you the leeway to observe your food cooking without exposing yourself to danger by lifting the lid.
It is easy to assemble, use and clean it. It has a limited one-year warranty that covers faulty parts and free labor. 

Electric Deep Fryer - Buying Guide

There are numerous deep fryers in the market with varying features. Below guidelines which you can use to select a good one.

  • Capacity of the deep fryer: If the deep fryer is meant to be used for large families and events, then a big deep fryer will suffice. Some big deep fryers can hold up to 18 liters of oil, especially for commercial purposes. Small ones can hold 1.5 liters of oil.
  • The space available in the kitchen: This will impact on the shape and size of deep fryer you choose since it must be located at a place where it can be plugged in easily to power and is least disturbed at the same time.
  • Safety measures: Frying food is highly risky due to the temperature of oils being used. This high heat can cause fires or injuries. Deep fryers with auto shut off functions are good. These ensure that unsafe hot oil is disconnected from heating further by an automatic system that shuts off the power. A breakaway cord that easily detaches itself from the deep fryer when accidentally moved is an added safety precaution. They are magnetically connected to the heating unit. This makes it easy to break away. Without this, the deep fryer poses a potential danger of the entire unit tipping over if someone accidentally trips on the cord. An additional safety precaution is the length of the cord. Longer cords are easy to trip on. Hence, shorter cords are safer.
  • Ease of cleaning: Deep fryers that assemble and disassemble easily are easier to clean by hand or machine since each part is cleaned separately.
  • What you intend to fry in it: If you will need to fry whole turkeys and fish, you will need deep fryers that can accommodate this size of food.
  • Heating system: Frying requires high heat levels for faster cooking. Establish if once the food to be fried has been lowered into the oil, the oil is quickly heated back to the required heating level.
  • Energy saving: An efficient deep fryer uses less oil without affecting the output negatively. The oil filtration system cleans the oil making it reusable.

Features of convenience: These are additional features to make frying easier.

  • Multiple baskets: These allow you to prepare separate foods simultaneously saving you time.
  • Cool to touch: This feature ensures that the outer body of the deep fryer does not heat up dangerously while frying is ongoing but remains cold.
  • Oil change alert: This feature is useful if you intend to be reusing oil.
  • Thermostat: It regulates the temperature settings.
  • Oil drainage: An oil draining system helps in the removal of the oil used and collects it into a container. If not available, you are forced to drain the oil manually, which can also be messy.
  • Lid with view window, and oil and odor filters: This kind of lid will help you safely monitor your food without opening the lid. This lid also absorbs the unwanted odors produced during frying consequently stopping them from spreading into the house.

Tips for Using Electric Deep Fryer

Here are tips that will come in handy when using an electrical deep fryer.

  • Ensure that the oil poured into the deep fryer does not go below the minimum or exceed the maximum level indicated.
  • Deep fry at the required temperatures. A deep fryer with a thermostat will help in regulating the necessary settings.
  • Reduce splattering of oil by frying food which you have dried adequately on a clean kitchen towel or paper towel. Cover the basket with the dryer lid.
  • Food put in the baskets should be lowered gently since the oil is exceedingly hot.
  • Check your food as it cooks preferably through the view window on the lid.
  • Gently lift the basket with the fried food away from the oil and place it in a draining position (some deep fryers come with this function). Let it drain out excess oil back into the fryer.
  • Allow the fried food to cool and dry at the same time, to drain oil further.
  • Let the oil cool before you can drain and store it.
  • Keep an appropriate fire extinguisher that puts out oil-based fires.
  • Clean your deep fryer after use, if you use it occasionally. If you use the deep fryer constantly, then cleaning it after every few days is sufficient.

Final Word:

All in all, frying food is advantageous since it develops tasty and crispy food quickly. It is gaining more popularity with the ever-increasing eateries and growing demand for deep fryers. This is the reality that governs the new modifications on electrical deep fryers that are on the rise.

These improvements seek to enhance the outcome of frying food to be more delicious, done easier and safer, as well as retaining most of the nutrients in the foods. In addition, fried foods have a special place in social gatherings by providing a pleasant environment filled with tender and juicy flavors. Therefore, frying as a cooking method is here to stay. Special thanks to Top Chooser for helping me writing this review.