Best Electric Cooktop in 2018 – Top Models Compared!

Are you tired of using your messy old gasoline stove? Are you tired of it heating up your food unevenly? Are you tired of the stains that won't come out, no matter how much you try to clean them off? Well, now is a better time than ever to purchase a new electric cooktop. Modern kitchen companies have blended smooth looks with easy to use functionality to make some incredible cooktop.

There are so many choices, that we have decided to help you and compile a list of the best electric cooktops. Following is a list of my top 10 electric cooktops, followed by the benefits of an electric cooktops, the different types of electric cooktops, and finally things to consider before buying the best electric cooktop.

Best Electric Cooktop - Comparison

Best Electric Cooktop Reviews

Frigidaire FFEC3624PB Electric Cooktop Review - Best Electric Cooktops

Frigidaire has always lead the way in innovative appliances in the kitchen. They were the first company to make an electric self-contained refrigerator, home freezer, and room air conditioner.

As such, you know you can expect innovative products from them. The Frigidaire FFEC3624 Smoothtop Electric Cooktop delivers on the quality you should expect.

This beautiful electric cooktop, with its slick black design, will look great in any modern kitchen. If you are a messy cooker but want to keep this electric cooktop looking good, the manufacturers have you covered. The exclusive Spill Saver Design will prevent scratches and holding marks. This keeps the cooktop looking brand new after many uses.

The Frigidaire FFEC3624 comes with four heating elements. It has two 6-inch burners that can reach 1200 watts of heating power, while the other two burners can reach up to 2500 watts of heating power. This cooktop also comes with color-coordinated control dials, making it easy to use without sacrificing the slick appearance.

Other features include a power-on indicator, hot surface indicator, and push-to-turn knobs. This electric cooktop will not only wow guests with its slick appearance, it will also make it easy to make the delicious meals your friends and family love. Furthermore, it is approved by the UL Safety Listing, making it a great addition to any modern or classic kitchen.

Empava Electric Induction Cooktop EMPV-IDC36 Review

For those seeking a beautiful smooth countertop that is environmentally friendly, the Empava 36" vitro ceramic glass smooth surface electric cooktop is the choice for you.

The tempered glass top not only looks amazing, but it was manufactured without the release of any hazardous metals into the ground!

Moreover, it is easy to clean so the glass will stay looking new even after tons of uses. This model of the Empava 36" cooktop has a black finish that compliments the appliances around it, as well as making the easy-to-use display stand out you like having a variety of options, you will be glad to see that this cooktop has 9 different heat level settings.

They range from a melt to a rapid boil, so no matter what you need this cooktop can provide. There are five different heating elements, two 2100-watt heating elements, a 2100-watt element, and a 1500-watt element, giving you, even more, variety. 

Further, if you have children, or consider yourself to be a little bit clumsy, you will be overjoyed that an "H" will appear in the surface cooking area to alert you that the surface area is too hot to touch. Like all Empava appliances, this electric induction cooktop is fully equipped for safety, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

GE JP328SKSS 30 Electric Cooktop Review

If you are like me and you always try to support American businesses, then the GE JP328SKSS is a great choice.

General Electric has been one of the most symbolic American businesses ever, and when you use their JP328SKSS cooktop you will understand why consumers expect high-quality products where they see the General Electric symbol.

The beautiful stainless-steel finish looks great in any kitchen, but especially older and more rustic kitchens. However, it also compliments a darker countertop very well.

The neutral black knobs also compliment any dark or rustic countertop this stovetop is placed on. This stovetop is extremely easy to install, and just as easy to clean. What this product does not have in fancy features, it makes up for in reliability and ease of use.

It comes with four heating elements and a raised control panel on the one-piece stainless top. I would highly recommend this cooktop to anybody looking for a low maintenance cooktop.

The GE JP328SKSS is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to clean. The solid coil heating will stay functional for a long time no matter how often you use it. This makes it ideal for anybody who prefers function over form.

30" Coil Electric Cooktop Review

Another quality product from GE, this 30" coil electric cooktop is a slightly larger and more modern version of the JP328SKSS reviewed above.

If I had to choose one word to describe this cooktop, I would choose "efficient." For just $300, this cooktop can meet anyone's needs.

It has a slick black finish, so it looks great in any kitchen. It has 4 different heating elements, allowing you the variety to cook multiple dishes at once. If you like old school controls on your stovetop, GE has you covered. All of the controls are up front, instead of on the side.

Furthermore, this product is easy to clean. You can lift the top up, remove the knobs, and take out the heating elements, making it much easier for you to clean those pesky hard to reach areas. I know there is nothing I dislike more than a product that is not designed to be cleaned, but luckily this is not one of those products.

Like all GE, this product is compliant with safety standards, and, better yet, it comes with a free 10-year warranty on the major components. That should give you some peace of mind when purchasing this cooktop!

Whirlpool W5CE3024XB Electric Cooktop Review

Whirlpool is another American Fortune 500 company known for their quality appliances. Their cooktops are no different, and this stove top looks amazing!

The all black dials on the all black smoothtop looks slick and gorgeous. The four heating elements give you variety and allow for quick boiling or easy simmering.

The knobs are also removable, and they're dishwasher safe! If there is something I like more than a product I can clean easily, it is a product that my dishwasher can clean for me! Moreover, this product comes with a hot surface indicator light for those of you who are clumsy and/or have kids.

Also, because it is a ceramic electric stovetop, only the burners get hot. No more worrying about burning yourself on the rest of the stovetop. This also makes this product more energy efficient, saving you money on your bills. The packaging for this stove top is top notch so you do not have to worry as much about it getting damaged when it is shipped to you.

Furthermore, it is easy-to-install for those who like me are not exactly a handyman. You cannot go wrong with a product that is packaged well, installs easy, looks great, works well, and cleans easy! With the Whirlpool W5CE3024 you get all of those features, and more!

Electrolux EI30EC45KB Electric Cooktop Review

Electrolux is the second largest appliance manufacturer in the world behind whirlpool. They know what they're doing when it comes to kitchen appliances, and the Electrolux E130EC45KB: 30" Electric Cooktop is no exception. 

This gorgeous all black ceramic glass stovetop would be a great looking addition to any home.

It features an easy to use 2-set control panel. The control panel is LCD touch, but fingerprints do not stay on this cooktop, so it will stay looking nice. Furthermore, it is a ceramic electric stovetop, so it is efficient on energy. It will also cook your food evenly. 

So not only will this cooktop wow your guests with its sleek modern look, it will wow their taste buds when they eat food cooked on it This product is Sabbath Mode Certified, so it safe to have in your house.

Cleaning the product is as easy as wiping it down after every use. This innovative and intuitive product will not only make your kitchen look nicer, it will make your food taste better. It does not get much better of a deal than that!

JP5030DJBB Built-in Electric Cooktop Review

The JP5D3DDJBB is another quality General Electric product. Weighing in at 431 pounds, this stove top is lighter than most.

A great feature for those handymen who want to install their stovetop themselves! Just because it is light does not mean it lacks special features.

Not only does the load display control the timer and heat in an easy-to-see and easy-to-use mariner, but it also has a warning symbol to let you and your loved ones know when it is hot Even better, this stovetop is pretty scratch resistant, and it does not leave fingerprints!

That is a great addition anytime a stovetop has a touch LCD display, in addition, this stovetop has four radiant cooking elements. The radiant cooking elements heat up very quickly, so pay attention to the first few uses.

Once you have adjusted to how quickly these radiant cooking elements heat up, you'll be glad you bought an electric stovetop that saves you so much time.

Furthermore, you'll be glad that your kitchen will look great! Cleaning this stove is as easy as wiping it down after every use. This will ensure that this cooktop will keep your kitchen looking great for years to come!

Ramblewood EC4-60 Electric Cooktop Review

I love a unique looking stove top. The Ramblewood 4 burner 30" electric cooktop stands out in all the best ways. The heating elements have an original eye-popping look that is sure to wow house guests.

The Italian ceramic glass is both durable and good looking. This cooktop comes with precision analog controls that give you nine different power levels.

A perfect stovetop for people who cook a variety of dishes! Two of the cooking elements are 1800watt and the other two are 1200watt. That means this stovetop is powerful and can handle whatever you throw at it.

The Ramblewood 4 Burner 30" electric cooktop is UL safety approved by the German EGO Burner. Furthermore, it is also approved by the EGO energy regulator/controller. This means this stovetop will not drastically raise your electricity bill. 

If you put a pan on the stovetop bigger than the cooking elements, it will not leave a stain. In addition to that, the knobs are a heat-resistant plastic, so they are dishwasher safe.

You can use this beautiful stovetop and keep it clean with minimum hassle! The analog knobs also give you precision when choosing the temperature, making it just as good as the LCD screens on other ceramic stovetops.

Summit WEL03 Electric Cooktop Review

I love American products. I love the quality that comes with the Made in the USA stamp, and knowing that I helped Americans make money.

That is one of many reasons I love the Summit WELO3 Electric Cooktop in white. The porcelain enamel surface not only looks great, but it is easy to clean.

This is also one of the lightest cooktops on the list, weighing in at only 23.3 pounds. That will definitely help your back if you plan on installing this yourself.Moreover, the Summit WELO3 electric cooktop fits easily in a cut out counter top.

You just drop it in, secure it to the counter area, and then hardwire it in Once it is in, you will be glad to find out it heats well. In addition to that, the analog knobs are very easy to use. 

If you want a small, lightweight, American stovetop, the Summit WELO3 electric cooktop is perfect for you. Moreover, if you love an older rustic look to your kitchen, but you want the quality you should expect from a product in 2017, the Summit WELO3 will be a perfect addition to your rustic kitchen.

Frigidaire FFEC3005LS Electric Cooktop Review

This is another quality offering from Frigidaire. It features their patented SpillSafe® drip bowls

These prevent you from many spills, as well as making cleaning up your spills much easier. The neutral black knobs compliment the stainless-steel finish.

The controls are easy to understand and easy to use. It has an analog control for each radiant heating element, with multiple ready-select controls for each radiant heating element. Furthermore, this stove top is light!

It only weighs 25 pounds, making installation a breeze. lf you want to avoid scratches, simply clean with hot, soapy water on a cloth. Then enjoy the brand-new look of your stainless-steel stovetop with neutral black knobs.

The first time you use it you will be glad to find out it heats up quickly, saving you valuable time. It also heats up evenly, giving you the delicious meal you have come to expect.

The Frigidaire FFEC3005LS 30'' electric cooktop uses a solid durable coil to heat up your food. This means this product will remain reliable for a long time, allowing you to get more bang for your buck.

Benefits of an Electric Cooktop

  • check
    Cooks food evenly
  • check
    Cooks food faster
  • check
    Saves energy waste
  • check
    No gasoline smell
  • check
    Easy to install
  • check
    Can be installed in any home because they do not require gas supply
  • check
    Easy to operate
  • check
    Higher levels of the temperature range
  • check
    Can have sleek, futuristic look
  • check
    Can have retro, rustic look
  • check
  • check
    Warnings to indicate heat
  • check
    Family Friendly
  • check
    Possible extras including lock buttons, built-in-fans, downdraft mechanisms, and more!

An electric cooktop is great for those skilled cooks who demand good performance from their products. Electric cooktops will heat your food evenly. This ensures that delicious taste you and your loved ones have come to expect from your cooking. 

They have a higher range of temperature control. This gives you more options for the meals you prepare. Electric cooktops also save you time. They take a little bit longer to heat up than gas cooktops, but they cook the food faster.

Furthermore, electric cooktops save energy waste, which saves you money on bills. In short, electric cooktops cook faster, cook more evenly, and they save you money on bills. This makes them a great purchase for chefs of all skill levels!

Types of Electric Cooktop

There are three types of Electric Cooktop. Below I am going to explain what each type is, and their benefits and disadvantages.

Solid Coil Electric Cooktop

A solid coil electric cooktop has exposed solid metal coil heating elements. When you turn the stove on, electricity runs through the coil and creates an open flame. The metal coil is tough, resilient, and effective.

These coils are extremely hard to damage. This makes solid coil electric cooktops great for those who plan on using theirs for a while. They also work with every cookware. Finally, they are the most affordable kind of electric cooktop.

If you want a tough stovetop without breaking your bank, a solid coil electric cooktop is a great choice.The only downside of a solid coil electric cooktop is that they take the longest of the three kinds to heat up.

Ceramic Electric Cooktop

The burners on a ceramic electric cooktop are underneath the glass surface. This not only provides a slick look, but it also means there is no actual flannie. This is great if you have small children around!

Most people buy a ceramic electric cooktop because of how great they look. It blends in perfectly with any modern kitchen and can make any older kitchen look 20 years newer. They are also the easiest to wipe down. This keeps them looking the nicest for the longest.

Ceramic electric cooktops also often provide the most extra features. These features include precise temperature controls and the ability to bridge between two heating elements. The only downside of the ceramic electric cooktop is the durability of the glass surface.

While the glass is heat resistant and will not shatter, it is vulnerable to scratches and dents from heavy cookware. You must also be quick to clean the stains. The stains are easy to wipe down, but only if you are quick to do so. Also, try to only use flat bottom pans to try to avoid as many scratches as possible to keep that beautiful stovetop looking brand new.

Electric Induction Cooktop

If you live life on the go, an electric induction cooktop will be a better choice. Whether you are a yuppie, a single mom, a college student with a packed schedule, an electric induction cooktop will cook your food the fastest.

These futuristic cooktops use induction to heat up the burners. This means the cooktop surface does not get hot, saving you from potential burns. It also means they are the most energy efficient since no energy is wasted heating up excess material.

Induction also allows the burners to heat up evenly. This will likewise cook your food evenly too. The downside of an electric induction cooktop is the limit in cooking ware you can use with it. Induction cooktops do NOT work with every type of pan

Rather, they make induction-ready cookware. So, if you buy an electric induction cooktop, you will need to buy induction-ready cookware if you do not have any. You can find induction cookware at the same places you would find other cookware.

Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Cooktop

Before you purchase an electric cooktop, there are some important questions you should ask yourself: What are the advantages of an electric cooktop? What different kinds are there? What do I plan on using on my cooktop? What types of food do I plan on cooking? And more.

How Fast Do I Want My Food Cooked?

This is a great question, to begin with. If you want the fastest time possible, you will probably want a gas stove. Otherwise, an electric induction cooktop would be best for you. A ceramic stovetop would be second best, while you probably want to avoid solid coil electric cooktops.

How Much Money Do I Want to Save on My Bills?

Electric cooktops are a great way to save money on bills. Electric induction cooktops are the best. Induction allows for the most efficient use of energy, saving you money on every use. A ceramic stovetop would be second best, while a solid coil electric cooktop would be the worst option because they take the most time to heat up.

How much Do I Want To Spend On My Stovetop?

This is a vital question, but do not worry, I have answers. If you want to save as much money as possible, buy a solid coil cooktop. These are often the cheapest, and provide a great bang for the buck.

Electric induction cooktops are generally the cheapest, but they require you to spend money on special cookware. Ceramic cooktops are often the priciest, but the price is deserved. They often have the most features, and they look the nicest.

How Easy To Clean Are The Stovetops?

If you're like me, then you love a clean kitchen. Nothing is worse than an appliance that has hard to clean areas. Ceramic Electric Cooktops are great for cleaning. The lack of knobs and burners makes it super easy to wipe down after every use.

Induction cooktops are often easy to clean too. When it comes to solid coil cooktops, most come with removable dishwasher-safe knobs that make for easy cleaning. If cleaning is a priority for you, make sure the knobs are removable and dishwasher safe prior to purchasing.


Electric cooktops are the future. They save you money, they look nicer, they cook more evenly, and they are easier to clean. Right now, they are more affordable than ever, and you have plenty of options to choose from. Once you have decided that an electric stovetop is for you, decide what you want out of your stovetop. Then look through my review of the top 10 cooktops, and find that perfect stovetop for your kitchen!

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