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Best Countertop Microwave For 2021: Top 10 Models Reviewed!

Best Countertop Microwave For 2021: Top 10 Models Reviewed!

Life is extremely fast-paced and yet this is not a reason not to enjoy it. One way of getting the best out of life has to do with the quality of food you eat. The 10 best countertop microwave reviewed here present a solution to meet your feeding needs against everything that is competing for your time. These microwaves are such versatile kitchen equipment you cannot avoid.

They offer an amazing variety of cooking techniques such as defrosting, grilling, reheating, baking, roasting, boiling, name it, to give you exciting eating experiences to look forward to each meal time. You will no longer be eating as a routine but you will enjoy every delicious bite when you prepare your food using these microwaves.

Best Countertop Microwave Reviews

Panasonic NN-SD745S Countertop Microwave Review - best countertop microwaves

Aren't you tired of microwaves that will cook the sides of your meat and leave the middle part raw while defrosting?

I thought so! This easy-to-operate Panasonic microwave with an inverter provides a solution. 

The inverter regulates the energy transmitted making it consistent throughout the time the food is in the oven.This way, your food will cook evenly or thaw perfectly. As an added advantage, this microwave can keep your meals warm till you are ready to consume them.

It has child safety lock features that deter adventurous children and others who are not familiar with its usage from operating it. Cooking by microwave ovens is generally faster than conventional methods. However, this microwave supersedes its counterparts with the high 1250 watts power that it comes with. 

It can boil water in a cup in two minutes or less saving you time for other engagements. This microwave has an automatic sensor feature which reheats food without the need to check on the necessary temperatures manually. This feature also gives you the freedom to merely touch a button so that your food gets cooked without personally adjusting time.

Therefore, rest assured that nothing will either boil over or get overcooked. It has a one-year all parts warranty and a five-year warranty for the magnetron tube. Labor will also be free for one year.

Panasonic NN-SN733BAZ Countertop Microwave Oven

Is it worthwhile insisting on a microwave whose job is to partially melt butter and scald your hands in the process? Well, think again!

With this countertop microwave, you will adjust your normal cooking time by half with the aid of easy-to-touch buttons.

Thanks to the 1250 watts of high power it has. As if this is not enough, the inverter turbo defrost offers two-fold benefits of an even as well as a faster defrosting process. Moreover, the user friendly one-touch sensor will appropriately adjust the cooking time and energy required which guarantees retention of delicious flavors.

It also ensures there is no partly cooked cum partly overcooked meal, since it evenly distributes the heat. This microwave has keep-warm features whose primary function is to preserve the heat in your meal until eating time. The interior is roomy, able to handle your Thanksgiving and other festive leftovers with ease. Cooking your favorite dish has been made enjoyable with the nine preset automatic cooking menu.

You will not need to limit cooking in a microwave to only boiling water or warming cooked food. These preset options produce outstanding dishes because the settings are accurate. With this microwave, you will enjoy a one-year warranty on labor and all parts, save for the magnetron tube whose warranty will last for five years. All these features are yours for a great price.

Panasonic NN-SD775S Countertop Microwave Review

When the food inside your microwave goes, 'PLOP!', please don't blame the food; just check the type of microwave you possess.

This Panasonic microwave is built with a cyclonic inverter technology which provides consistent heat levels throughout the cooking period.

The energy in the microwave is radiated in a circular pattern. This ensures that no part of the food will escape the heat You will no longer be chewing hot food that has cold parts as well. The interior LED lighting combined with the half mirror window give you the mouth-watering view of the food inside.

It has a defrost function which automatically adjusts the time and power level that is adequate for the food depending on the weight settings entered. Hence, it thaws food and does not cook it again. The sensor settings are spot on.

They will cause the microwave energy to stop when your meal is done. Hence, the likelihood of food exploding inside the oven and messing everything up is permanently arrested, and burnt popcorn is a thing of the past. 

This microwave is easy to set up and operate even in the dark. The door can open and close very smoothly. It is not noisy. This microwave comes with a warranty that will provide free labor and free parts for one full year, excluding the magnetron tube that is given a five-year coverage.

Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven ZR651ZS Review

This microwave will not annoy you by disturbing your Wi-Fi signal anytime you switch it on.

It is because this microwave is adequately shielded so that it does not emit radiation which might affect your wireless communication.

Likewise, if you have been looking for a countertop microwave that will serve a large family efficiently, then you have found one. Its great size of extra large capacity with a 16-inch glass turntable can handle the meal quantities of people in an office setting with many employees, or in a social event. Coupled with a cooking power of 1200 watts this microwave is a real time-saver.

An additional time-saver is the express cook feature that offers a fast means to start the microwave. Most models have a limit on this shortcut of up to 5 minutes. However, this countertop microwave presents up to 6 minutes of this feature. Large quantities of food can now be heated at a go using this shortcut.

The door of this countertop exceeds the conventional 900 providing sufficient door clearance. In effect, you will not be handling hot wide bowls at awkward and dangerous angles. The microwave has a limited warranty of one year of free labor and parts, and a five-year warranty of the magnetron tube. This microwave has been around for decades proving its reliability.

Daewoo Retro Microwave Oven Review

A pocket-friendly small-sized microwave does not mean low quality. This is what this microwave emphasizes and more.

For starters, it blends the traditional microwave look with a modern touch making it attractive among all your kitchen appliances.

After drawing attention to itself like this, its functionality is simple to operate and astounding as well. With its size, it will not occupy much of your counter space, particularly in a small kitchen and yet still fit a standard-sized bowl on its 10-inch turntable pretty well. The rotating turntable ensures that food is evenly heated.

This microwave will heat your food properly and surprisingly fast with its wattage of 700. Your cup of tea will only take 50 seconds to heat up. It also has a defrost function that thaws frozen food very quickly, evenly and does not cook it in the process.

Its settings to turn it on are designed that way with safety in mind. You have to press it two times to have power on. This feature protects your young children or unauthorized persons from turning it on accidentally.

Cooking has been made convenient with the specific buttons of the auto cook menu of four kinds: beverage, soup, baked potatoes and fresh vegetables. These auto cook settings allow you to enjoy good food even if you are not a super cook.

This microwave has a zero standby function which preserves energy by shutting down after use. This microwave has a limited one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Magic Chef MCD1310ST Stainless Steel Microwave Review

If you are interested in a microwave that will be your chef for decades, you have found it. This microwave is made of stainless steel both inside and outside because it is built to last without any likelihood of rusting.

Stainless steel is easy to clean and is eco-friendly because it saves energy.

With a weight of 36.8 pounds, this unit is stable. In that case, whenever you open or close its door, it does not move but stays put.This microwave has a limited warranty of one year for labor and parts, as well as an eight-year warranty for the magnetron.

Having some noise produced by a microwave is next to impossible but not with this model; you will enjoy a lot of quietnesses anytime you operate it. Designed with ten power levels ranging from a warm to high, you have an option of being adventurous with a wide variety of recipes. 

You can soften your butter with a warm power level and braise your chicken at medium power using the same microwave. Equally important is the high 1000 watts power assuring you that your food will heat up very fast. The auto cook menu spoils you by giving you the freedom to enjoy the dishes you like by merely touching a button.

It is the work of your microwave chef to set the accurate time and power level for a pleasant output. This microwave also defrosts food quickly and uniformly without cooking edges at the same time.

LG LCRT2010ST Counter Top Microwave Oven Review

This countertop microwave is domineering in every way. It is not just huge in size but has a high power level of 1200watts.

You can consequently use it for variety of meals that will require various power levels such as, sauces that are done using low power, and reheating food which needs medium-high power.

It is designed with a sensor cooking technology that detects the steam in the food and makes the required adjustments of time and heat levels for proper food output. So your food will neither be undercooked nor overcooked. 

As though this was not enough, your cooking experience is taken to a professional level with the auto cook feature that has six options. Once you select your preference, the rest is history. Meanwhile, the turntable rotates so that the food is evenly cooked.

The microwave is made of stainless steel. It is therefore easy to clean. The curved cavity of its interior ensures that there are no temptations of using a damp cloth that causes rust to wipe corners with stains trapped in it. The curves are easy to clean spotlessly.

The auto defrost function comes with additional specific settings to make your experience easier and speedier. The child lockout safety device is there to protect your tots from adventurously operating the microwave out of your eye shot.

This microwave has a one-year limited warranty from the date it is originally purchased within which time defective parts will be replaced for free.

Farberware Classic FMO09AHTBKC Microwave Oven Review

When a microwave is made with a memory function that will save and retrieve your selected cooking style, you cannot ignore it. This microwave is also economical on space and will, therefore, fit perfectly in your limited kitchen space. It is affordable and cleans spotlessly making it look as good as new.

Its stainless steel body guarantees this feature. You will not notice its operating sound since it is quiet.This microwave has ten power levels, with the highest being 900 watts. It cooks just as fast as it heats up. You can prepare your popcorn, potatoes, pizza, frozen vegetables, beverage and warm your dinner using the one-touch settings.

Furthermore, the express cook function of up to six minutes offers a short means to start the microwave, pronto. These save you on time while ensuring a well-done meal. Moreover - and you will love this one — your cooking style can be saved and used again!

Your creativity and cooking needs are accommodated in this microwave. Besides, the lighting inside the microwave will give you the required visibility to monitor the progress of your food.

Defrosting is not stressful with this equipment. You will not need to remove the thawed parts of the food from the microwave in bits given that the food will thaw evenly. The turntable rotates ensuring the food is exposed to the energy uniformly. This microwave has a limited one-year warranty.

hOmeLabs Countertop Microwave Oven with Accessories Review

Microwave Ovens for counters Versatility is a biggie with this microwave. It is sizable enough for a small family and still large enough to serve in settings with many people such as in an office. How is this so, you might ask?

It has settings that can be adjusted to various needs. It boasts of a high 1050 watts power level which occurs in ten power levels from warm to high and others like low and medium in between. This power adjustable range implies that a wide variety of recipes can be prepared. It cooks food fast and evenly.

The preset cooking functions along with the easy-to-clean rotating glass turntable ensure that food is cooked fast, evenly and properly. At one touch of a button, you can enjoy well-done popcorn, potatoes, frozen vegetables, beverages, pizza or a dinner plate.

Even children find these settings friendly because they are not complicated to follow. The settings of your secret recipes can also be saved in this microwave for future use. That's what the memory function is all about Defrosting is not an issue to worry you with this microwave.

You don't have to naturally thaw your frozen food for hours when you have this option of defrosting. As a bonus, your thawed food texture is not compromised from its original one to a weird rubbery texture.The stainless steel body makes this microwave appear high-end as well as complementing your other kitchen appliances.

It cleans very well and easily. All these features come with a child lock function which protects that curious child or unknown onlooker from accessing the microwave unattended. This equipment has a two-year limited warranty on parts and workmanship.

Samsung MG11H2020CT Countertop Grill Microwave Oven Review

This is a two-in-one piece of equipment that can not only microwave your food but also grill it. It provides the flexibility needed to prepare varied dishes. The benefits of grilling are age-old. Your food will taste better and retain its nutrients when grilled.

The auto cook has options that have no room for guesswork but precision. This is the reason you can enjoy properly done pizza among other foods. These can be served moist, dry, crispy, soft, rare, name it according to your liking. The microwave will prepare that meal at the exact required cooking time and power level.

With the 1000 wattage available in this microwave, fast cooking is given. Combined with 10 power levels, you can zap foods at high heat or adjust to the least level so as to soften cheese or keep food warm for a while till it is served.

Defrosting with this equipment is nothing short of fantastic. With the auto defrost feature, you do not have to manually calculate the heat needed and time it will take. This microwave will automatically make these adjustments and over deliver.The microwave has an interior made of ceramic enamel which cleans spotlessly clean and easily.

It is also scratch-resistant assuring you that it will retain its sleek look for a long time. The warranty of this microwave is one year for part and labor, along with a whopping 20-year warranty for the magnetron.

Countertop Microwave - Buying Guide

Purchasing a microwave oven is not as easy as some might assume. You need to know what to look out for before selecting one out of the millions of microwaves that are begging for your attention. The following guidelines will help you narrow down your search to the perfect one for you.

  • Size: Take the measurements of your kitchen space allocated for the microwave when you go shopping for one. The size of your family determines the size of your plates, dishes, that you shall put in the microwave. Hence, a small countertop microwave oven measures lOW x 18H x 14D inches. A big one is 14W x 24H x 20D. The interior of a small microwave is less than 1 cubic feet Medium capacity ranges from 1 to 1.3 cubic feet. Bigger microwaves have 1 A to 2 cubic feet.
  • User-friendly features: These are specialized functions that make cooking simple. They include the automatic defrost for thawing food evenly and auto cook functions which cook food evenly. They also include automatic sensors that can tell if food is ready by measuring the steam inside the oven; pre-programmed recipes which prepare specific meals like popcorn, beverage, potatoes, and other meat dishes at the touch of a button.
  • Safety features: Interlocks ensure that the microwave will be off when the door is open. Child lockout ensures that children and other unauthorized persons cannot access the equipment without supervision.
  • Turntable: The rotating glass plate inside the oven guarantees evenly cooked food saving you the trouble of manually turning the food yourself.
  • Wattage: A microwave that has varying power levels is the ideal since the cooking functions require different levels of heat. 600 watts is low. 1200 watts is high. A low wattage is slow and vice versa. Any power from 1000 watts will
    cook fast.
  • Convenient features: Lighting inside the microwave enables you to check on your food. Removable racks let you cook many foods simultaneously.
  • Cost: Most microwaves have a price range of $70 to $200. Expect that as the price increases, so do the features.
  • Listen to and read what others are saying: There is a high chance that the microwave you are interested in has
    been purchased by someone else before. Read their reviews if any This will give you a balanced idea of what to expect.
  • Warranty: It is vital to get details about the warranty period So that should you develop problems with the microwave, you will be able to tell if that is covered by the warranty or not You will also know the period within which the warranty is valid.


Read the manufacturer's manual to familiarize yourself with how the equipment operates. Always refer to it thereafter if you are not certain of a concern with your microwave.

  • Use cookware and materials that are safe for use in a microwave like ceramics, glass and specified plastic containers. Avoid metallic dishes and pans as they can damage the microwave oven.
  • When heating food in a microwave, cover it using lids or plastics which are safe to use in a microwave oven.
  • After defrosting meats such as beef, fish, and chicken, cook it immediately to prevent multiplication of harmful bacteria.
  • When cleaning the microwave, spray the all-purpose cleaner on a piece of cloth and wipe the interior and exterior parts of the microwave. Direct spraying can damage the internal sections of the microwave. The turntable can be hand washed or washed in a dishwasher.

Final Word:

In conclusion, owning a countertop microwave is not only necessary but also a win-win deal in all aspects. It does not just save time by heating food fast, but also saves energy. Besides, it preserves the original flavors of food and retains nutrients of foods like vegetables which have vitamins such as B9 which are heat sensitive. Need I say more?