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Best Countertop Convection Oven In 2021 - Top Models Reviewed!

Best Countertop Convection Oven In 2021 – Top Models Reviewed!

A convection oven is a very handy device in the kitchen and can greatly increase your potential while cooking a meal. Discovering the best countertop convection oven can be a tremendous task, considering the various features and options that are on the market today. When browsing for a convection oven, you will see several models and the prices that will vary, but prices are not the primary motivator of purchasing a convection oven.

You will have to balance cost with effectiveness and what features are offered that will make your cooking experience easier when its time to prepare a meal. In our pursuit to find the top countertop convection oven, we came across several that may catch your interest.

Our Selected Countertop Convection Oven Reviews

We’ve covered different types of countertop convection ovens, so make sure to read to the end to explore all the possible models.Let’s get started!

BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB 8-Slice Convection Countertop Oven Review

This convection oven is well balanced with its features and performance. With an extra wide interior with the ability to cook any type of dish, this oven will help you with the most difficult of food preparations.

This oven can fit most pans and is very versatile with its dynamic features. You can take the pan out of this oven and place it straight on the table.

The included baking and broiling pan makes it easy for the removal of food easy without any complications. There is a toaster rack that is included in the oven for convenience. This oven circulates warm air around the oven fast and keeps the food hot and can cook very efficiently.

This oven includes several modes that you can choose such as baking, broiling, toasting, and keeping the food warm. With these various settings, you will have the ability to multi-task. This saves you money because you don't have to purchase other cooking devices.

This can also save you counter space with fewer devices in your kitchen. Fewer plugs will be in the socket reduces the chance of electrocution from too much of a pull on the power plug. This can avoid a blown circuit as well.

This unit also includes a sixty-minute timer that allows you to set cooking times to make it easier for you to manage your kitchen when preparing meals. This convection oven also includes a baking pan, a broiling rack, and a toaster rack. With this cooking unit, you will be able to accomplish cooking any meal, no matter how difficult the preparation.

Breville BOV800XL 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven Review

The Breville Smart Oven is strong and durable with the power that you need for cooking. This unit is built with Element IQ with all you need to complete the preparation of a meal.

This oven has several functions to make your cooking easier when using this convection oven. 

The functions that are included in this unit is toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, and warm. The power that this oven boasts is 1800W with a five quartz heating element. This unit also comes with a backlight for easier reading with the LCD being able to change form blue to orange while cooking.

The oven has a stable flat surface for many different types of cooking pots and pans. You will always be prepared with the Breville Smart Oven as it can help to make your cooking tasks much easier.

There is no trouble cleaning this oven and you won't have to spend money on purchasing other items to help you cook while you are in the kitchen. All you have to do is take a damp soft sponge or cloth and wipe down the side walls and corners.

You don't need to scrub the inside, it won't be a problem keeping it clean. You won't have to worry about being lost without power and space.The oven can be used to cook in several types of dishes without causing any complications for the cooker. You can't lose with the Breville Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven at your side.

KitchenAid KCO273SS 12" Convection Digital Countertop Oven Review

The KitchenAid Convection Back Oven is ready for any type of meal preparation that you can create. This device has the ability to evenly cook the food throughout the pan with its Even-heat technology that makes cooking easier.

This over can be used to make pizza, broil a dish, and keep a meal warm until guests arrive.

With this multi-functional convection oven, you will be able to administer the toughest of meals without any problem. This oven comes with nine pre-programmed functions to perform specific cooking procedures without having to do it yourself.

This makes cooking easier as you won't have to worry about watching food or having the need to go check on it because you are distracted by something else in the kitchen. These functions include such settings as Asada Roast Function which will adjust the cooking procedure of food from high sear to optimal cooking temperature to accurately prepare the meal.

The KitchenAid comes with a 120-minute timer that can help with organizing other tasks while in the kitchen. You won't have to worry about a dish being overcooked or forgotten while being distracted. This alarm will always be ready when you aren't, reminding you of other tasks while in the kitchen cooking.

The timer gives you enough time so that you can cook many different types of meals without having to be concerned about burning. The KitchenAid is also easy to clean with a non-stick coating that will make it easy to clean with a problem.

Hamilton Beach 31104 Countertop Oven with Convection Review

The Hamilton is ready and prepared to assist you in preparing all of your meals. This oven is versatile with a rotisserie that allows the cooker to multi-task their meal preparation.

The rotisserie will allow the food to be self-basted as it turns. It can fit up to a five-pound chicken. This oven also has a large interior that allows you to handle large meals.

This oven is large enough to fit two 12-inch pizzas, as well as many other items that most convection ovens would find difficult. This oven has the power to cook whatever you need without hindering you in the kitchen.

The Hamilton also includes a Bake and broil setting with a two-hour timer for extra help in the kitchen. The convection bakes faster and evens out the heat better throughout the food. The unit comes with all of the additional pieces that you need to get the meal started.

Overall, this oven receives some good marks due to its large cooking area. With a sturdy design leaving you with more room in the kitchen allowing you to maneuver better without any difficulties. The Hamilton comes with several accessories such as a broiler rack, pans, a rotisserie pan, two-oven, and two baking. 

You will never be underprepared with the Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven. This oven is ready for any type of cooking with accessories that will enhance the food preparation and cooking.

With the many features built into the Hamilton Beach, 31104 Countertop Oven is like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. You will always be in full command of your cooking when you are using the Hamilton Beach.

Cuisinart TOB-135N Convection Toaster Oven Broiler Review

This spacious oven is ready to assist in the kitchen with multiple functions that can fit six sliced of bread and a 12-inch pizza.

This allows you to save time by being able to cook multiple items and to cook them without having to worry about them being burned, The Cuisinart will take care of the problem.

This oven has nine functions that give the user the ability to expand your cooking. The Cuisinart has a digital display that accurately gives information. The oven digital display also has a large backlight to be seen when there are low levels of light.

It comes with an electronic dial and LED buttons. This oven comes with fans that can disperse the heat throughout the chamber allowing for more an evenly cooked meal. This unit comes with a preheat ready signal that alerts the user about the status.

It also comes with a two-hour timer and can automatically shut off. You won't have any issues Gleaning this oven as it has a non-stick interior. This unit has a well-designed brushed stainless construction that assures that this oven is rugged and can withstand many different uses. It also comes with a slide-out crumb tray, a baking tray.

You won't go wrong with the Cuisinart and it has multiple uses. This deluxe toaster oven can be placed in many locations in the kitchen with its standard dimensions that allow it to be put anywhere. For extra added convenience, the handles that are in the oven are removable allowing for increased space when putting the oven in tight locations.

The Breville is packed with many features that will enhance your cooking to new levels.

Designed with Element IQ, this smart oven has the ability to give you all of the power that you need to prepare your meals without complications or confusion.

This technology will cook your food to the precise setting, allowing it to find its maximum perfection in taste and color.With nine functions set for several food items such as toast, bagel, bake, broil, roast, pizza, cookies, and finally, reheat and warm.

With these various settings, you will be able to extend your cooking platforms to new levels, allowing you to prepare meals that will impress and express the art of your skills while preparing food. This Smart turbo convection oven has the power to cook all of the meals that you need without any complications of issues. With 1800W with five quartz heating elements, you will always have the right cooking power needed for any type of meal no matter how large or difficult. For the convenience of an easy reading oven, the Breville comes with an LCD that changes from blue to orange when cooking and has a backlit for easy reading.

This oven can easily be placed anywhere in your cooking area and won't get in the way while you are preparing a meal. The Breville smart oven only weighs 22 pounds, allowing you to move this over around the room easy without any problems. You won't be disappointed when it comes to The Breville Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven.

Oster TSSTTVMNDG Countertop 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven Review

The Oster large capacity countertop oven is strong and ready to handle whatever the kitchen has to throw at it. Built with digital controls and interior lights for easy viewing when the food is cooking.

This oven is built with many features that allow the user to select various settings for different types of cooking when preparing a meal.

This large capacity countertop oven allows for a 6-slice toaster function with convection technology for faster cooking when you are in a hurry to get the meal finished on time, it not early. You will always have the right amount of space with this oven in your kitchen as it is small enough to fit anywhere, but yet it has enough space inside to cook large items.

With the large interior design of the Oster Large Capacity Countertop, you will be able to cook a pizza, casserole, cookies, and many other types of meals. You can easily use the Oster to expand your cooking skills to new levels for easy usage when trying to prepare a meal.

The Oster has a removable external crumb tray to help keep the oven clean and free of food particles that can cause safety issues. It contains two rack positions for versatility and measures 19.5 by 14 by 11 inches showing its lightweight size and sturdy construction.

With a stainless polished surface, the Oster Large Capacity countertop is durable and will always be ready for your next meal when it comes time to prepare it.

Advantage Of Countertop Convection Oven

When purchasing a countertop convection oven, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that come along with the unit. These important key points may not be seen at first, but as time passes after usage with the oven, you may find that there are some things that either benefit you or cause you to be annoyed. Not all features are the same, and not all ovens are designed with the same layout, but for you personally, what is the best choice when it comes to purchasing a convection oven.

  • The oven will cook food evenly throughout the process because of the fan moving heat around the chamber.
  • You can cook food at lower temperatures because of the distribution of heat within the oven
  • You can cook multiple items because of the design of the oven and how it displaces heat within the chamber.

Disadvantage Of Countertop Convection Oven

  • An added motor can open the door to additional repair problems because of the fan and its motor.
  • The fans within the oven can sometimes be undersized or oversized causing irregularity of cooking and the distribution of heat. Opening the door can increase cooking tie because of the loss of heat due to the means of how heat is rotated through the chamber with the fan.

Tips For Using Countertop Convection Oven

After the decision to get a convection oven, you will have to think about some tips that will help make the oven last longer, and for you to get the maximum potential it in your kitchen.

  • Consider the size of the oven and where you will have to place it Will there be enough space for you to set it in a location that is handy and easy to get to? Make sure to get the correct measurements before purchasing the unit
  • A convection oven may be able to toast, but few come close to the standards of an ordinary toaster.
  • The countertop oven can't duplicate the same cooking performance a broiler or a grill.
  • A baking pan is still better when it comes to roasting a chicken than a rotisserie.
  • Consider getting a microwave convection oven combination that will allow you to use both aspects of cooking. This will expand your options and allow you to cook meals with ease.

Buying Countertop Convection Oven - Things To Consider

A convection oven offers many ways for a person to cook and can expand their ability to prepare large or small meals without any problems. Consider the options afforded by many of the convection ovens that are out in the market. It is best to consider what features will best suit you and your needs, which will make it easier for you to contemplate the best countertop convection oven for you to buy.

Size Of The Convection Oven:

The size of the cooking area where food will be placed is important and will decide how much and how fast you can prepare a meal. A large chamber means that you will be able to cook multiple items as well, allowing you to multi-task while in the kitchen.

 An oven with a large internal capacity will help when cooking more than one item, but will also cause sizing issues when placing the convection oven in the kitchen or food preparation area You will have to moderate the size of the oven with the space that you have to in your kitchen. Try to find a compromise for both so that you can get the best of both features.

The Fan Is Important:

A feature that is important, that most don't consider, is the fan within the convection oven. Is the size of the fan appropriate for the unit? If the fan is not designed adequately for the oven, then as stated before, heating issues will surmount because of heat not being directed to the oven correctly.

Remember To Get A Window:

Having a window may not be a feature that most will consider, but when you want to see how your food is cooking, it will then be an important feature. Opening the door to the oven as stated, can cause a huge loss of heat, causing the food not to cook properly and taking longer to complete.

By having a window on the oven, you will be able to see if an emergency is about to happen before you smell it A window is not only good for seeing the food cook but is also good at avoiding a potential accident that can occur.

The Construction Of The Oven:

What materials are used in the construction of making the oven? Having the correct design and construction can determine how durable the oven is going to be. The materials that the convection oven is manufactured from will also determine the longevity of the oven.

How the oven is put together will also determine how rugged the unit will be. When purchasing an oven, don't forget to consider the material that went into the construction of your convection oven.

What Accessories Come With The Oven:

To assist in cooking, some convection ovens come with added utensils to aid in the preparation of the food. Some of these tools can be very useful and make the experience of meal preparation much easier than what they considered. Now all accessories will be needed by the cook, but those that are useful will make the difference while cooking and preparing a meal. Picking the right oven with the right tools can make a huge difference.

Final Word:

After reviewing several convection ovens and their features, the Oster Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven is the one chosen. The reason behind this choice is clear with a wide internal cooking chamber that even cook a 12-in pizza along with several settings for maximum potential when cooking any type of meal making it highly versatile and best of all, it can easily fit into any type of budget.