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Best Ceramic Cookware In 2021 - Top Models Compared & Reviewed!

Best Ceramic Cookware In 2021 – Top Models Compared & Reviewed!

The ability of one to produce creamy, crispy and delectable delicacies in the kitchen is dependent on both his skills and tools. Examples of these tools are ceramic cookware sets which are slowly taking over in kitchens in the country. For this reason, this article will enlighten you on how to purchase the best ceramic cookware set for use in your home.

Our Selected Six Ceramic Cookware Reviews

1. Calphalon 11 Piece Classic Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

Calphalon 11 Piece Classic Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set Review

Calphalon is a respected player in the production of cookware, bakeware, kitchen utensils and cutlery. This ceramic cookware set is produced by the company and comes in eleven pieces: two fry pans, two saucepans and their covers, a sauté pan and its cover and a Dutch oven and its cover.

Each of these pieces has a non-stick interior surface that makes cleaning it after use easy and quick. However, you might need to use a little oil or butter to ensure that the food doesn’t stick. These pans and pots also have a hard-anodized aluminum construction that is beneficial in two ways.

First, this design ensures even and fast distribution of heat throughout the pan or pot. This way, your food cooks evenly without burning in specific parts. The quick distribution of heat also ensures that you save on energy while using these pieces. Secondly, the design guarantees that the pot or pan will stay in use for long even under constant and daily use.

The materials used to make these pieces are also free from PFOA and PFTE, a feature that ensures you stay healthy. These chemicals, when inhaled by a human being in large amounts, increases his or her chances of getting a growth or tumor.

Another unique feature of these pieces is the measuring marks on them. These marks save you time as you do your cooking because you will not need to measure your liquids externally. The transparent lids have tempered spouts that enable you to drain excess fluid from your food.

The main weakness of these Calphalon pieces is that their bottoms scratch quickly, and this compromises their durability. On top of this, when cooking, you can use only wooden and Teflon spoons to prevent scratching the nonstick coating. A customer on Amazon also noted that the lids and handles get hot fast and can burn you.

Important Features:

  • Hard anodized aluminum construction
  • Convenient measuring marks
  • List Element
  • Stay cool stainless steel handle
  • Oven safe up to 450 degrees F

Finnhomy Hard Porcelain 14-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set

Finnhomy Hard Porcelain 14-Piece Aluminum & Ceramic Cookware Set Review

The first thing that you will notice when you set your eyes on these pieces is their elegant and colorful design. These pieces are 14 in total, each a striking aqua blue. They include two covered saucepans, two fry pans, a stockpot, a sauté pan and four slotted turners and spoons.

The handles on these pots and pans are made of silicone and have a double-riveted connection. These properties ensure that handles stay cool and sturdy when the pot or pan is in use.

With these pieces, you also get to enjoy a non-stick cooking experience and easy cleaning afterward. The multi-coating layers technology on the inside of the pots and pans gives it the nonstick nature. A high-quality aluminum coating comprises the base of these pieces, a feature that ensures even distribution of heat as you cook.

This set ensures that you stay healthy in two ways. First, the design of this ceramic set is done without any chromium or PFOA. Secondly, the pieces are FDA approved, hence established as safe for use by the population.

Being one of the top rated ceramic cookware set, Finnhomy Pots and Pans Set come with a transparent lid that has a silicone handle. This transparency enables you to keep track of whatever you are cooking and while the insulated handle eliminates the need to use a pot holder.

Important Features:

  • Colorful design
  • Aluminum base provides even heating
  • Easy to clean
  • FDA approved
  • Safe for all cooking sources except induction cooktop
  • Oven safe up to 350 degrees F
  • Stay cool handles
  • Tempered glass lids

COOKSMARK Lovepan Beets Ceramic Coating 5-Piece Cookware Set

COOKSMARK Lovepan Beets Ceramic Coating 5-Piece Cookware Set Review

The third product in this review of the ceramic cookware set is the Lovepan Beets Pots and Pans. This set has five pieces: an 8-inch fry pan, two saucepans, a sauté pan and a 5.0QT casserole. The construction of these pots and pans is done using high-quality aluminum to ensure that heat is distributed evenly throughout the pan when you are cooking.

Therefore, you avoid situations where your food burns on the hottest side of the pan. Moreover, the inside of the set is made of a white ceramic nonstick coating. This feature means that when cooking, you need little to no oil or butter to prevent the food from sticking to the sides of the pan.

Furthermore, the contrast created between the white ceramic layer and the tiffany blue on the outside makes for an exquisite design.Tempered glass is the material that makes the lids for these pots and pans, a property that makes it easy for you to monitor the food inside.

Moreover, on the lids, there is a knob that makes it easy to lift it off when cooking. On top of this, these pieces are also free from PFOA, a feature that makes it healthy for everyday use in your kitchen.The handles and knobs of this ceramic set have an ergonomic design. This gives you a comfortable grip when handling them.

However, the fact that they are made from stainless steel rather than silicon means that they are not insulated. Therefore, they get hot when in use and could burn you. Another weakness noted by a customer is that these pans and pots lose their nonstick nature after a relatively short time.

Important Features:

  • Aluminum construction for even heat distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and easy to grip stainless steel handles
  • Tempered glass lids
  • Diswasher safe

4. Cuisinart 59-10R Elements 10-Piece Cookware Set

Cuisinart 59-10R Elements 10-Piece Cookware Set Review

The Cuisinart Ceramic Elements is the next item on this ceramic cookware set review. It comes in 10 pieces: two covered saucepan of different sizes, one covered sauté pan, a covered stockpot, and skillets. Each of these items has an aluminum core construction, a feature that aids even distribution of heat throughout the pan.

Moreover, it saves energy by ensuring that the pan heats fast. When subjected to high temperatures, PTFE and PFOA are released into the atmosphere and where human beings can inhale them. 

These elements are toxic when they get into a human being’s bloodstream, and can result in adverse health effects. For this reason, the production of the Cuisinart Elements is done free of PTFE and PFOA to protect your health.

The pots and pans in this set are also free from petroleum for the same reason. The inside of these pieces is made from white nonstick ceramic. Therefore, when cooking, you need little to no butter to ensure that the food doesn’t stick to the sides.

This property also means that cleaning these pieces is made simple, especially when done using warm water and a little detergent, as recommended. A comfortable, easy and cool grip is essential when you are cooking. These pieces make that possible as they have ergonomic handles that are made from insulated silicone.

This ceramic set is not perfect, as one customer noted that the paint on the outer side of the pieces scratches off after some time. This is especially where you are using a counter top burner. Furthermore, it is better to use wooden or Teflon spoons when using the Cuisinart elements as metallic ones tend to scratch the inner surface. 

Important Features:

  • Easy to grip handle
  • Oven safe up to 350 degrees F
  • Glass lids
  • Easy to clean

5. T-fal C718SC Ceramic Coating 12-Piece Cookware Set

T-fal C718SC Ceramic Coating 12-Piece Cookware Set Review

Unlike the other sets in this review, the T-fal Stainless Steel Ceramic Set is not colorful, as it comes only in silver and matte black. It is comprised of 12 elements: two fry pans of different sizes, three saucepans, and a Dutch oven, each with a lid. A nylon spatula and spoon complete this set.

Stainless steel is the material used in making these pieces. This property is beneficial in two ways: first, it gives the set its stylish and elegant finish. Secondly, it aids in the durability of these pots and pans, hence ensuring that you will use them for an extended period.

The stainless steel used in the construction of these pieces and their ceramic inner coating are free from PTFE and PFOA elements. Therefore, the food you prepare will be free from these chemicals, hence ensuring that you stay healthy.

The lids of these pieces are transparent to give you the ability to keep track of what is cooking, and they also have a vent that lets out steam while you are preparing food, releasing pressure. Moreover, these lids, just like the pots and pans, have handles coated with silicone to provide insulation.

The insides of these pieces have a nonstick coating. Therefore, when cooking, you don’t have to worry about the food sticking to the sides of the pot. Furthermore, this property makes cleaning much more manageable.

The company also claims that you can use metallic spoons with these pieces without worrying about scratching on the ceramic layer.
The main disadvantage of using these pots and pans is that they start to stick after using them for a while. You can mitigate this by coating the pan with butter before beginning to cook. 

Important Features:

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Beautiful scratch-resistant ceramic interior
  • polished stainless steel exterior
  • Safe for using all cooking sources
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees F

6. CONCORD 8 Piece Ceramic Coated Cookware set

CONCORD 8 Piece Ceramic Coated Cookware set Review

The final product in this review of the top rated ceramic cookware set is the Concord 8-Piece, a set produced by one of the most respected players in this market. The elements of this product include two saucepans of different sizes, a frying pan, and a Dutch oven. Each of these pieces come with their insulated transparent lid.

The first thing that will strike you upon seeing this set is their rich copper coloring. This color comes from the ceramic-copper coating that is used on their outside. The inside has a ceramic nonstick layer whose aim is to ensure that no food sticks on the sides. Moreover, it makes cleaning easier.

The pots also have an easy-to-pour design that makes draining any excess liquid easy. Furthermore, the handles are made from stainless steel and are riveted on the pots. This feature gives them more stability than standard screwed handles.

Another unique property of the Concord 8-Piece is that it is an induction compatible set. A pot or pan that is induction compatible can use magnetic energy to cook instead of a flame or electricity. The main advantage of having such a pot is that you can do your cooking using little power.

Moreover, there is no exposure to flame or electricity, making this a very safe method to use.At this point in time, most people are aware that the utensils they use to cook affect their health in one way or the other.

This is why most companies nowadays produce nonstick cookware that is free from chromium, PFOA, and PTFE, among other toxic materials. CONCORD is one such set, as its pieces are free from either of the chemicals above, hence ensuring healthy cooking.

Important Features:

  • Made of high grade ceramic coated coppe-ramic coating
  • Easy pour rim design
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Safe for using on all cooktops

What Is Ceramic Cookware?

A ceramic object is one that has been made from kiln-burned clay. Such objects have some favorable characteristics, the main one being the fact that they are free from toxic metals. We can refer to utensils as ceramic cookware in two situations: first, where the pot or pan is made purely from burned clay.

Secondly, where metal utensils have a coating of burned clay to take advantage of these favorable characteristics. The metals coated could be aluminum, stainless steel, or cast iron, among others. Coating metal in a layer of ceramic results in a smooth nonstick coat that is preferred when cooking. It makes cleaning easier and ensures that food doesn’t stick to the sides of the pot or pan.

What Is PFOA And Are They Harmful

PFOA is an abbreviation of perfluorooctanoic acid, a man-made chemical that is used in the process of making fluorotelomers like Teflon. PFOA was previously employed by most companies manufacturing nonstick utensils due to its properties. These characteristics include resistance to sticking, stains and grease, hence giving pans and pots their nonstick nature.

However, PFOA was flagged down due to the health risks associated with it. When exposed to high temperatures, PFOA releases fibers into the atmosphere, where you can inhale them. Studies have shown that human beings have a small amount of the chemical in them, and these have no harmful effects.

Notwithstanding, where the levels PFOA are high in a human being are high, he or she has a higher chance of getting a tumor. Even though it cannot be overtly stated that PFOA can lead to cancer, researchers agree that it increases these chances.

Therefore, as you purchase your non-stick utensils, it is important to confirm that they are free from PFOA and such toxic chemicals. Each of the items reviewed above is free from PFOA.

Buying Guide - Ceramic Cookware

There are many ceramic cookware set brands on the market today, which is why a careful consideration had to be made during the purchase. The factors to be considered are as explained below:

  • Budget: Before walking into a store to sample available ceramic sets or going online to browse for them, determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend. Afterward, go ahead and find the best product you can at that price.
  • Size: How big should the pot or pan that you require be? How many people will you be cooking for using the pieces? The dimensions of the pieces in the set are always indicated, and it is essential to know the diameter before making your purchase. A pot that is too large may not be economically sound while a small one will not be enough for your use.
  • Number of Pieces: The number of pieces in a set is just as critical as the size of pots and pans. This boils down to the use that you have for the set. Where you need it more for boiling, pick a set with deeper pots rather than one with pans. The opposite applies where your need is to fry more than it is to boil.
  • Durability: A durable product is one that lasts for a long time and is not expensive to maintain. When buying a ceramic set, ensure that you get one that will serve you for an extended period, even if the initial price is a little high.
  • Aesthetics: We are visual creatures, and this is why it is critical that the color and design of the ceramic set that you buy to complement your kitchen. However, do not pick a set based on its physical appeal while compromising its performance.
  • Material: The material used in the construction of a ceramic cookware set significantly affects it. First, it determines whether the pan or pot will distribute the heat evenly and fast. The density of the material also determines whether the pan will have hotspots where the food will burn. Ceramic sets made of aluminum are better as the material is dense and distributes heat evenly. It is also quite durable. However, ultimately, the choice of material in a pan is dependent on personal preferences and functionality.
  • Construction: An ideal ceramic set should have an ergonomic design to make handling it secure and comfortable. This should start with the handles which should be riveted rather than screwed to the pot or pan. The lids on the set should also be made from tempered glass with a vent hole. This property serves two purposes: to aid in observing the food that is cooking and releasing any excess pressure that is as a result of the accumulation of steam.

Benefits Of Ceramic Cookware

  • Ceramic sets are versatile. They can be used on traditional burners and in ovens as well. Unlike the conventional metal pots, these can also be used in hot ovens and microwaves due to their high heat resistance.
  • Most of these utensils have a ceramic nonstick layer on their insides. This coating makes these pans and pots easy to clean, with most of them requiring just warm water and a little detergent for the process.
  • Ceramic cookware also gives you value for your money as they are durable. These savings might not be immediately visible, but you will see them as the pots and pans serve you over the years.
  • These products are also non-reactive. Therefore, no dangerous chemicals can leach from the pots and pans into your food.
  • Ceramic sets are green. The material used to make the inner layering of these is made from broken-down rocks rather than fossil fuels. For this reason, ceramic utensils don’t contribute to polluting the environment while at the same time they ensure that you stay healthy.
  • Most of the pans and pots that have ceramic coatings are free of cadmium, PFOA, and PFTE. These are all toxic chemicals that when inhaled, increase one’s chances of getting a tumor.

Tips For Using Ceramic Cookware

  • Before using the pan for the first time, wash it in clean, warm water using detergent, rinse it thoroughly the dry it.
  • Use a little butter or oil when cooking using a nonstick ceramic pan or pot, even when it is not necessary. This provides an additional buffer for the inner layering.
  • Never use olive oil or cooking sprays from an aerosol can. These oils build up quickly on the surface of the pot and form a permanent coating, hence compromising the pan’s nonstick nature.
  • Preheat the pan to the temperature you need before adding butter or oil. This process should not be done using excess heat. Instead, slowly adjust the temperatures as the pan continues to heat evenly.
  • Use safe utensils when cooking in these pots. These include silicone, rubber, nylon, and plastic spoons and spatulas rather than metallic ones. Moreover, don’t do any cutting in the pan as this might scratch the nonstick layering.
  • Avoid stacking ceramic pans and pots on top of each other. If you do, ensure that there is a pan protector or a towel between them. Piling them would lead to scratching both on the outside and on the nonstick layering.
  • After use, it is critical to let the pan cool before cleaning it. Subjecting it to sudden changes in temperature might cause warping on the metal, which might, in turn, loosen the nonstick layering.
  • Do not put your ceramic utensils in a dishwasher, unless recommended by the manufacturer. A dishwasher uses harsh chemicals that might affect the nonstick layering on the pans and pots.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About Ceramic Cookware

The following are the commonly asked questions when it comes to the use of ceramic cookware:

Q) What is Ceramic Coated Cookware?
A: Just as explained above, ceramic coated cookware are utensils that have been made from metal covered in a layer of burned clay. The metals used may be aluminum, copper or stainless steel.

Q) Is Ceramic Coated Cookware Brittle?
A: No, they are not brittle. Such utensils have a sturdy metal base coated in clay, and this gives its strength.

Q) Why is the fact that they are made from inorganic materials significant?
A:The inorganic nonstick layering on these utensils makes them environmentally-friendly products.

Q: How much heat resistance do these utensils have?
A: As mentioned above, ceramic-coated cookware is inorganic. This property gives it a heat resistance of up to 450 degrees Celsius. However, this figure varies depending on the brand of cookware that you have purchased.

Q: Can you clean ceramic-coated cookware in a dishwasher?
A: This depends on the manufacturer’s instruction, as some of these utensils can be used in a dishwasher while some cannot. However, it is recommended that you hand wash them as this is kinder to their nonstick layering.

Final Word:

The importance of getting a quality ceramic cookware set cannot be understated. The article above gives you a guide that you can use when buying your set to get functional and aesthetically appealing utensils for your kitchen. Beside this, we have narrowed down different brands for you to give you the top six ceramic cookware sets on the market today.

The CONCORD 8-piece set is the top ceramic cookware set regarding features. Unlike the other sets, this one is induction compatible, and you can, therefore, use it on an induction cooktop. The best set according to performance is the Finnhomy Hard Porcelain Enamel Set. Most customers commended it for its durability and its resistance to scratching. All the best as you do your shopping!

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