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10 Best Cast Iron Cookware Set For 2021 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Cast Iron Cookware Set For 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Cast iron cookware makes a great investment in any kitchen. At first, you might dislike them because of their weight, maintenance, and high price. But there is a reason why many chefs and cookbook authors recommend the best cast iron cookware.

Unlike other types of cookware like stainless steel and aluminum, cast iron offers a chemical-free nonstick surface. You need to use less oil, and this promotes healthy cooking. Since cast iron has low heat conductivity, it has excellent heat retention that is suitable for cooking at high temperatures.

Another great reason to consider buying cast iron cookware is its durability and versatility. The cookware is indestructible, so you can use it on stovetop and in the oven.

We have compiled a list of top cast iron cookware that can handle abuse in the kitchen. You will also find a detailed guide and other essential tips you should know about cast iron cookware.

Best Cast Iron Cookware - Comparison

Recommended Best Cast Iron Cookware Reviews

Cast iron cookware is great for deep frying, roasting, baking, searing and braising. However, don't use it for steaming and boiling. If you are interested in this gorgeous cookware, read our reviews and guide for top recommendations today.

1. Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet 3-Piece Set

Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet 3-Piece Set Review

Equip your kitchen with this 3-piece cast iron skillets. They are durable and virtually indestructible, so you can be sure they will serve you for many years. These skillets are pre-seasoned, meaning that you can use them straight out of the box.

They also offer versatile use in your kitchen because you can use them for cooking, frying, grilling, sautéing, and much more. The skillets provide high heat retention, and they also conduct heat evenly for a superb cooking performance. Storing them after use is also easy because they have a hole for hanging.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-purpose skillets for various types of cooking
  • Excellent heat retention and heat conductivity
  • Come with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Heavy-duty construction for durable use


  • They come ready to use
  • Offer a long lifespan
  • Nonstick surface makes it easy to clean
  • Easy to hang after use
  • Good skillets for the price


  • Rough cooking surface
  • Food sticks
  • Complaints of poor quality

2. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Set

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 5 Piece Set Review

Lodge is a top brand when it comes to cast iron cookware. You can cook out of the box with the Lodge pre-seasoned 5-piece cookware. These are amazing cookware with superb heat retention and even heating. You can use them to simmer, sear, broil, roast, grill, fry, and braise.

The cookware also works well on various cooking surfaces like the grill, stove, oven, and induction cooktops. The cookware features easy-grip handles that help you transport them with ease. Every piece of the set is pre-seasoned to offer easy food release and cleanup.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pre-seasoned with 100 % vegetable oil
  • Designed with self-braising tips
  • Easy-grip handles for secure grip
  • Great for stove, oven, grill and induction cooktops


  • Excellent heat retention and distribution
  • The cookware is versatile
  • Designed with comfortable handles
  • They make a perfect gift to someone
  • Offer good value for money


  • Complaints of rust and peeling
  • Quality is questionable

3. Victoria Cast Iron Skillet Large Frying Pan with Helper Handle

Victoria Cast Iron Skillet Large Frying Pan with Helper Handle Review

Every kitchen needs a functional skillet like the Victoria cast iron skillet. This 12-inch skillet offers a better performance in the kitchen, and it gives great heat distribution and retention. It features longer, bigger, and curved handles that offer a comfortable grip.

It has ready to use seasoning and doesn't contain harmful chemicals that can be a threat to your health. Its seasoning offers easy food release, so you don't have to worry about food sticking. You will also love this skillet's versatility so you can use it for baking, grilling, cooking, serving, and in the oven.

Highlighted Features:

  • Longer handles for a comfortable grip
  • Comes with ready to use seasoning
  • Great heat retention and distribution 
  • Versatile and durable


  • Has a nice drip-spout contour
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Wider helper handle
  • The skillet is multi-functional
  • Has instruction for care and use


  • The interior surface is uneven
  • Rusts after rinsing it under water

4. AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven 6-Quart

AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven 6-Quart Review

Enjoy cooking your favorite recipes with this AmazonBasics 6-quart round Dutch oven. It features a cast iron construction to offer superb cooking performance and many years of use. This blue Dutch oven has handles on the side to help you carry it with ease. Additionally, it has a tight-fitting lid to retain the flavor and nutrients when cooking.

Its material allows even heat distribution and good heat retention. The cookware is oven safe up to 400 degrees F, and you should use pot holders when removing it from the oven. You can use it on all cooking surface. However, you should avoid dragging the cookware to protect it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cast iron offers heat retention and even distribution
  • Non-reactive enamel finish
  • Loop side handles offer easy transportation
  • Oven safe up to 400 degrees F


  • Great for cooking and marinating
  • Works well on all cooking surfaces
  • Roomy for one-meal dishes
  • The cookware offers a versatile use
  • Easy to clean by hand


  • Complaints of cracking

5. Stansport Cast Iron 6 Piece Cookware Set

Stansport Cast Iron 6 Piece Cookware Set Review

Need quality cookware for camping or outdoor kitchen? Get the Stansport Cast Iron 6 Piece set. It has a 10-inch fry pan, 10-inch Dutch oven, 3-quart chicken fryer, lid lifter, and 10-inch universal lid. The cookware can be used on an open fire, and it distributes heat evenly on all sides. The heavy cast iron lid keeps your food moist so you can enjoy food full of flavor.

The surfaces of the cookware are easy to clean since they are pre-seasoned. You only need a stiff brush and cast hot water to clean the cookware, and you don't need soap. After cleaning, apply a layer of oil to increase the time between seasoning.

Highlighted Features:

  • Even distribution of heat
  • Cast iron lids keep your food moist
  • Durable and giftable cookware
  • Sturdy lid lifter


  • Cookware keeps your food warm longer
  • Made with heavy-duty cast iron for durability
  • Pre-seasoned for easy cleaning
  • Can be used to cook almost anything


  • It would be better if the Dutch oven had a rim on the lid
  • Great cookware but they break 

6. Cuisinart CIPS3022-2324 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fry Pan

Cuisinart CIPS3022-2324 Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Fry Pan Review

Get this two-piece set from Cuisinart that includes a 9.25-inch square grill and 10-inch round fry pan. The pieces are made of strong cast iron that offers effective heat distribution. This material also provides superb heat retention, which is perfect for cooking at high temperatures.

Enjoy cooking versatility with the cookware. They work well for grilling, frying, baking, braising and sautéing. They come pre-seasoned, and they are easy to maintain seasoned with just a little oil. The interior and exterior surfaces are smooth, durable, and give effortless food release.

Highlighted Features:

  • Work well with all stovetops
  • Designed with durable cast iron material
  • Sturdy handles offer easy lifting and balance
  • Even distribution of heat and optimal heat retention 


  • The pieces come pre-seasoned
  • Carry a lifetime warranty
  • Offer a versatile use
  • Compatible with all cooking surfaces
  • Durable and offer easy food release


  • Enamel chips off after a few uses
  • The paint pops off

7. Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set 3-Piece

Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set 3-Piece Review

Get these Utopia ready to use cast iron skillets for versatile cooking performance. The set features a 10, 8, and 6-inch pans that are perfectly pre-seasoned. Therefore, you can start cooking using the pans immediately out of the box. They contain a nonstick surface that is chemical-free and good for your health.

These cast iron skillets are less smooth as compared to nonstick cookware. However, their cooking performance is incredible. To clean them after use, avoid using soap. You just need to scrub them with a stiff brush and hot water and then dry them. Note that they are not dishwasher safe, so only hand washing is recommended.

Highlighted Features:

  • Chemical-free nonstick surface
  • Pre-seasoned with soy-based oil
  • Even heat distribution
  • Compatible with many heat sources


  • The pans offer versatile cooking
  • No initial seasoning is needed
  • Large diameter for ample cooking surface


  • Skillets are not dishwasher safe
  • The finish would have been better

8. Crock Pot 111976.01 Artisan 8 Inch Enameled Cast Iron Round Skillet

Crock Pot 111976.01 Artisan 8 Inch Enameled Cast Iron Round Skillet Review

If you need a single piece skillet to add to your kitchenware, this Crock Pot 111976.01 can be a perfect selection. It is an 8-inch skillet that provides even distribution of heat and effective heat retention. The skillet is great for serving, cooking, and storing food. It works well for frying, searing, stir-frying and roasting.

Additionally, it is compatible with various cooking surfaces like induction, electric, and ceramic cooktops. This skillet is also oven safe up to 500 degrees F, and you just need to wear pot holders when taking it out of the oven to the stovetop.

Highlighted Features:


  • It is versatile and easy to clean
  • Perfect for cooking, storing and serving food
  • Has a beautiful enamel finish
  • Nice pour spots to drain your sauces
  • Available in different sizes


  • Food sticks after three weeks of use
  • Complaints of chipping

9. Legend Cast Iron Multi Cooker Skillet Set 3Q

Legend Cast Iron Multi Cooker Skillet Set 3Q Review

This is another amazing workhorse that you need in your kitchen. The Legend 3-quart Dutch oven offers durability and versatile cooking. It features a smooth finish, and it is lightly pre-seasoned. The seasoning gets better with each use, so the more you cook, the better the seasoning.

This cookware is perfect for frying, bread, and cooking. It also works well with different types of cooktops like electric, gas, induction, and oven. When it comes to longevity, it can serve you a lifetime. You can even pass it to your next generation in good condition.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long handles allow live-fire cooking
  • Compatible with different cooktops
  • It is lightly pre-seasoned
  • Modern and classic look


  • Handles make it easy to transport
  • Offers a lifetime use
  • Cooking surface keeps your food warm
  • Easy to maintain
  • Makes a perfect gift for various occasions


  • You need to season it from scratch

10. Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Braiser - Pan with Cover

Enameled Cast Iron Casserole Braiser - Pan with Cover Review

Enameled cast iron offers the best heat retention, and this is what you will get from this 12-inch
CasseroleBraiser. It has a healthy cooking surface that doesn't react with food, and it is easy to clean. The cooking surface is PFTE and PFOA free, so you can always make delicious and healthy meals.

The pan features ergonomic handles to offer an easy and comfortable grip. You will also find a stainless steel knob for convenience of use. This pan is durable and heavy-duty and makes a thoughtful gift.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Has ergonomic handles
  • Quality stainless steel knob
  • Durable and heavy-duty pan


  • Chemical-free enamel cooking surface
  • Has a beautiful finish that adds elegance in your kitchen
  • Designed with comfortable handles for a secure grip
  • Offers effective distribution of heat
  • Can be used to cook, store and marinate food
  • Works well on any stovetop


  • The ceramic coating pops off after a few uses
  • Chipping and color fading

Things To Consider Before Buying Cast Iron Cookware

Home cooks and chefs love using cast iron cookware in their kitchen. Before buying cast iron cookware, you need to think about a few essential tips. This guide covers some essential features that will help you pick the right cast iron cookware.


Cast iron has a unique construction where it needs more weight for heat retention and durability. If you get a lightweight cast iron cookware, then you will not enjoy great durability and quality. A good cast iron cookware should have more weight, and it should be made of thick metal.


Depending on where you buy your cast iron, you can get it raw or pre-seasoned. It is important to consider this so that you can know if you need to season your pan before use or whether it comes ready to use. Luckily, many manufacturers sell pre-seasoned cast iron cookware, so they are ready to use out of the box. But if you get unseasoned one, you should season it before you start cooking.

Temperature Limits:

This varies from one brand to the other. You can find cast iron cookware that can withstand up to 500 degrees in the oven, and they are also broiler safe. However, this doesn't apply to all cast iron cookware. You should check the specifications indicated by the manufacturer to determine the temperature limit.


Does the cookware come with a lid? Always consider cast iron cookware that come with lids. The lids should fit well to give room for steam to rise and then get back to the food. This makes your food flavorful and tender.

Helper Handle:

When picking cast iron skillets, always consider models that have a helper handle. The helper handle is a great addition, especially for larger skillets, because it makes shallow frying easy and gives more stability. Pots and pans with handles on both sides is easy to hold when transporting.


You can get cast iron cookware in two types. These include bare and enamel. Bare pans and skillets do not have covering to make them nonstick, and they are highly reactive. You need to season bare pans to make them nonstick, and their price is low as compared to enamel.

Enamel coated pans and skillets are nonstick and non-reactive. You don't need to season these pans just some regular maintenance to ensure their finish stays intact. With time, the enamel coating can wear off, and this can make the pans unusable.

Make sure you get cast iron cookware with a thick coating to withstand abuse when cooking. Otherwise, there is no need to invest your money on cookware that will shed its coating within a short period.


Cast iron cost more than other types of cookware. However, their prices differ depending on the brand. You can get cheap to more expensive cast iron cookware depending on your budget limit. Some top brands like Lodge provide affordable cast iron cookware that lasts for many years.

Tips To Care Your Cast Iron Cookware

  • Cleaning cast iron cookware keeps it in the best condition ready for next seasoning. When washing your cast iron cookware, it is great to start with a gentle method like a clean paper towel. If there is any stuck food, you can use a metal spatula to remove them.
  • Using water to wash your cast iron pans is okay as long as you dry them well after washing. When the pan is dry, moisturize the cooking surface with oil or fat to prevent rust. This will also nourish the seasoning layers that you had created.
  • Another great thing that you should know is how and where to store your cast iron cookware. Always store your cookware in a cool and dry place where there is circulation of air. Warm and humid air can cause rusting to take place. Also, avoid stacking your pans together because the pans' heavyweight can end up affecting the seasoning of the pans.
  • How often should you season your pan? Most skillets that come pre-seasoned develop a nonstick coating when cooking. So, if you cook regularly, you might not need to re-season them again.
  • Lastly, you need to protect your pans from rust. Even if your cast iron pans are well seasoned, exposure to moisture can cause them to rust. If you find that your pan has some rusty patches that don't go away after using an oiled paper towel, you can remove the patches with an abrasive or using kosher salt.

After removing the rusty patches, dry your pan with a kitchen towel and place it on the stove for about 10 minutes. Pour some oil and wipe it if there is excess. At this point, you might consider re-reasoning your pan if scrubbing affected the seasoning.

Benefits And Disadvantage Of Cast Iron Cookware

If it is your first time to use cast iron cookware, you are probably thinking about the advantages and the disadvantages of this cookware. Let's check them in details.


  • Durability: Cast iron cookware makes a good workhorse for any kitchen. These are durable pans that you can pass to the next generation. Cast iron gets better with age, and they are made of heavy material that will last for decades.
  • Heat Retention: This is another big reason to buy cast iron cookware. Unlike other materials, it is great to retain heat and consistent temperature even if you put something colder. So, if you love searing your food brown, cast iron is the best cookware to choose.
  • Chemical-free Nonstick Surface: There has been many concerns about the chemicals in many nonstick cookware. Cast iron offers healthy cooking because it has a chemical-free nonstick surface. If you season and take care of your pans well, it creates a coating that prevents food from sticking.
  • Affordable: You can get a decent quality cast iron cookware at an affordable price. They are cheaper as compared to stainless steel cookware and enamel cast iron.


  • Poor Heat Conductor: Cast iron retains heat perfectly, but it doesn't conduct heat well. Therefore, the pan can heat unevenly, especially if you are using a smaller than the pan. The part of the pan that is directly into contact with the pan will get hotter than the sides of the pan.
  • Weight: Cast iron cookware are quite heavy, which makes them hard to carry. You need to lift the pans with two hands because of their weight and size. Again, you need to have a big sink to clean them.
  • Handles get hot: The whole piece is made of cast iron, and this means the handle will get hot when cooking. If you are using the pan in the oven, you should not even think of holding the handle with your bare hands. Otherwise, you know what will happen.
  • Need Seasoning: You need to season your cast iron pans to maintain the nonstick surface. Luckily, many cast iron pans today come pre-seasoned, but you still need to season them to get the type of nonstick surface that you want.


If you are into healthy diets, cast-iron makes perfect kitchenware because it is chemical-free. They are also durable and versatile, which gives you value for money. We have given you top ten best cast iron cookware reviews. These are amazing products that are carefully tested for superb cooking and quality. After checking the reviews and guide, we hope you will have an easy time picking the most suitable cast iron cookware that is worth your money.