Best Copper Cookware Set Reviews for 2018: Top Models Recommended

To quality and reliable copper cookware set for your kitchen takes more than striding into a copperware shop and selecting the set that looks appealing. There are a number of other factors that in consideration. This review brings to you hours and hours of testing, researching, and splurging on any opinion from experts on the best cookware set made of copper.

What is Copper cookware?

Copper is a highly sensitive metal especially with regards to conducting heat. In addition to even heat distribution, the material is one of the few non-Teflon coated surfaces that do not stick. This makes copper an ideal element for making cookware. There is a common phrase among kitchen regulars that if cast iron is the Kind of cookware, the copper is certainly the undisputed queen of cookware.

Copper cookware is cooking utensils that are made of copper. They include pans and other heating materials whose surface is made of copper with the intention of enjoying the benefits that copper as a material offers. These cookwares often come as a set bringing together various sizes and shapes of pans. Copper cookware is the best cookware present in the market.

Best Copper Cookware Set - Comparison

Best Copper Cookware Set - Reviews

Cuisinart CTP-11AM Copper Tri-Ply 11-Piece Cookware Set Review

Editor Rating:

The Cuisinart CTP-11AM is one of the copper set that you will find in serious discerning chefs' kitchen. It has the right pieces for making the perfect pasta, roasts, and even big batches of soup making it perfect for large quantity of meals.

There are a number of properties that stand out to make Cuisinart CTP-11AM the copper cookware that fits into the kitchen and a great investment for any enthusiast. The ergonomic design is one of the features that its users enjoy.

You need a set of cookware that will allow you to flip omelets easily and have control of every other meal you are making. The handling of all the prices of the cookware in this set is perfect. To add to the fact that the handles are made of steel thus remaining insulated even as the cookware is on the stove.

The finish is made of stainless steel that gives it a shiny appealing look. The tint only stainless steel coating makes its cleaning much easier. A hammered interior surface would have been ideal for this set. However, it is missing.

This surface is good for heat distribution. While the manufacturer may have opted for a stainless steel tint interior's ease of cleaning over improved distribution attributed to the hammered surface, the compromise in performance has some effects with regards to heat distribution. However, the Tri-Ply plays to enhance heat distribution. It is just that a combination of these two aspects would improve the performance of the cookware.


  • It is designed to make a variety of dishes in different quantities
  • Easy to handle dues to its ergonomic handle design that fits the hands
  • Easy to clean especially on the outside
  • Made of high-quality copper that lasts


  • Come in large sizes making it cumbersome for home kitchen use
  • It is quite pricey

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